Thursday, 6 July 2017

red dragon planet x crossing fallen angels dwell on earth fatima end times

Negative Alien Agenda
#Galactics wars
many 3d dimensional souls around planet won't know negative ET gov reptilians
try to harm people with implants

how archons reptiians use fear vibration to try to bring the population down
into fear vibration False flags terror attacks Vaccines
play jesus prophecy against the human race only one to trust is the lord
our god and father

put it out before
however good for people awakening to understand
alien negative ET agenda on the human population

Archontic Deception Behavior
What are Spiritually Abusive Behaviours aka Archontic Deception (AD) Behaviours?

Krystal Star
Krystal Star Guardians
In January 2013, our planet has come to the time of the promised return of Christ, the externalisation of the Krystal Star presence (the Cosmic Christos Unity Consciousness

Mother Arc
The 13th Pillar Transharmonic Gates.
Guardians are calling aspect of Mother Aquamarine Ray energy, a Magnetic force powering up in our Earth Core (through the newly reconnected levels of the 9D Quadra Merkabic structure

Negative Aliens – These are extradimensional beings that have lost their Consciousness connection to god source and are utilising human and other beings as their food source (like a parasite) to live thousands of years

Indigo 3 Contract
... the Indigo 3 Polarity Integrator contracts, many of which have been recently released, have synthesised biological code that allows the template of the Oraphim blueprint to return to the Earth Plane

Spirits of Christ
Spirits of Christ Crystal Lotus Heart
As it is understood there are demonic spirits that live in the internal structures of ego

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

educate yourself on military dealings with aliens other et dumbs bases #nsa #darpa #nasa mark beast cia crime

Are there good aliens? I've heard that many are here to 'help mankind' - There are no good aliens. If they were 'good' they wouldn't be aliens nor would they be terrestrial beings...they would be celestial beings in heaven. There are 2 types of heavenly beings, terrestrial and celestial. Celestial beings are angels and live in the upper heaven with Yahweh. Terrestrial beings were kicked out of heaven and live in our upper atmosphere and sky. They inhabit our moon(s), planets, and star systems. They all have their own agendas and plans for 'earth.' They may claim to hate the New World Order and want to help mankind but they really just want to implement their own plans and agendas on earth. Satan rules over all of the terrestrial beings in our space, atmosphere, and the places under the earth.

underground BASES dumbs
Vatican we like a full list plz whom out of the upper end of the demonic Agenda is a clone thank you that will help solve the situation over invasion of the body snatchers once done we can resolve the issue

focus on faith
in healing grace
rosary shields you from evil in spiritual realms
like those that lie
the lord denies
for i am one with the lord
in my prayers
i say
get rid of all that does not serve you
and remove all obstacles in our way
for what we want we focus
our energy
the words of earth
through the clear skies clean
ways to purify the heart
from such a corrupt
evil corporation
vatican un and
any nation that can harm its people
or others
thank you
prayers to nation suffering
any afflication
and to people that
need to pray more
discriminate less
but respect lords commandments
god set
thank you


Demons at Dimensional Doorways
Paranormal Research Techniques
Group-Augmented RV & ESP Capabilities
US Military Interest In Synthetic Telepathy
Remote Mind-Control Technologies
The Spectre Of Thought Control

Monday, 29 May 2017

what is the truth if not the truth can you handle the truth or you rather be kissed with a lie, i am truth

we are #dharma living our own creative reality want to be part of nature 
now get into reality


where is nature, in heaven or on earth or around every nation this planet is hers to explore free as every animal elemental she can be with us in the undergrowth you call earth that is our mother she is like our sister and our brother 
been many times on this wheel of life but no karma at her doors that all yours for following the wrong path she gave the message right you did not listen 
but thought you know best no she does nature beyond her body the veil alright

harsh reality;
can you handle this truth, for if you continue to try harm her mind destroy her use people at her yeshua is going to destroy all 
do you not realize your own prophecy if your not a warrior she is built to last we the people are not, the soul can either go to hell 
or heaven but in between you all are within the hrz seems the seams she rip apart angels are ready to deliver pain so we must insist you listen to what we gave you before and take heed before god comes knocking at your dark star gates with demons inside your corridors your wormholes not like ours full of light into the chakra of infinite mind she is forever ever lasting
thank you again to remind you with mantra before we all dead satan frequency kills you all under mark beast we said it now
thank you


think now russia what use i am 
think us what use i am 
but you not use me sat nam value me respect me pay me my worth i give you many things but if you harm her more god is going to continue to take away
reminder to your heart we coming through 
pick up the line and hear it ring real time is that still clear 
what actually she can do, without her you got nothing the soul is what brings light to avatar qualities every day and every night
not the clones her, is that still clear thank you everyone
i think the message is done from heaven listening watching over her invisible force

i can lick or lick your ass my clone can is that clear ok now, thank you now leave this nature alone but i can like what i wish to and you cannot stop me, and will not nature says i do what god asks of me yeshua and his magical tree of life i climb to his ladder jacob tree without the banyan tree or many scorched in fire her breath, can be angels are poised anytime to bring deliverance to evil amen by fatima message we remind you again and again
if i lick you would you taste good to me, think about that front of heaven is on earth

nature has many facets like a diamond in the dirt the coal the one you mine, you try to delve you ring but the bell does not answer until you acknowledge her in her own right thank you jesus did warn you many many many times

i could say many things what on my mind but if i open the gates to that you are always surprised do you understand the woman knows, more than she says and will do thank you
leave nature alone the alchemist the originator
the one with creator you harmed enough on this planet earth
our home, and we forgive planet will not forget god make it so for some of them until they learn the lesson it is repeated in history thank you to my natives my brothers and sisters in arms
for your service take down your weapons and know the lord has won this battle but you continue polite warning he is going to take it all away last warnings are coming through the planet as warning to others the clones the drones the missiles that bomb homes until you are no more, dust but some like astral pieces satan has used at others because you are not of god you rejected him so he will you too when time comes

would you prefer i bite?

midst the mist the fog, mental clarity to your bloody insanity, to clone is to mess with genetics so god messed up your bases and gave you the greatest test, how can you beat nature than kill it damage it, curse it, but in the end your hearse isn't it.
do you see yet, or have vision and what we can do, with nature, make sun shine, for her we do, we make it rain for her to dance
the leaves crumple up when the cold breeze or storm calls, but us wolves are with our pack leader beyond the veil do you understand that alright, leave her nature alone, we will not give or surrender her, you will submit to us jesus and god, do you understand yet thank you, her gentle kind heart we will use her god jesus said to cut you like a thousand knives
for what she intuitively feels you not beat yeshua you demons
let it be heard her heart from the sun rise to sun set you take for granted the air you breath god gave you it does seem
so god can give or take away depending on what you choose to do we reminded you many many many times
why god do i have to repeat myself sometimes ?

what is not on or inside the mind empty it to delve deep inside
but..... nsa cannot read mine nature too complex in it's simple simplicity i found over the yrs, you lost many things some sincere i am, i can be, many things i can view and see
but.... when all said and done all the military techs under the sun
nature just is and will be, long after we all gone with fatima or the lord judgement yeshua this day thanks to his bread he gave he did not take away, demons do so we shut the door to those if they do not ask for help god replied when you asked.
ask and you shall receive playing games in the mind is just deceit player, gets played your all sat in dismay
how does my clone look in a base part of me she is you see but you know nothing gained nothing and will not god covered the lot job he did on you from the dawn of time
though the power of gaia mine take off your technology down the hrz frequency you got to you because the matrix is not one of truth but god is he overcomes brings the storm to settle your mind your consciousness is powerful inside they wanted to use me abuse me, but not give me credit where it is deserved so you can solve your problems now, i got many of my own
i leave you with that to ponder today thank you anyway
to those that call names remember your part of me gaia
not the other way around so you must be thinking typing what is a reflection of you
nature is kind
to fear god you must but i am his bride that nature between the beast inside your mind wipe it clean i reminded you many times before you not open me up without you not being able to handle the truth we reminded you many times
thank you jesus in me sometimes i see the light in others sometimes i can read your mind you will not mine
russia even knows that thank you very much
god bless in time those that wish i was near them regret what they said when i hold my head front of your mind and unravel things about you if you like
that the power of nature god can use every element you see like a magnetic your drawn admit it, within your own heart and understand your mind is the greatest trick and gift god could give you, do not be deceived by others in life
 thank you mother earth in me i am blessed to have and will be
what ever, you say is reflection of you i can grant that to you too

My heart feels
What inside take closer look you will find many things you cannot define but I can re arrange change people's minds i influence time
I became before I saw
I explore I invite you too
That my sincere blessing to you 
Judge me I judge you
The sword of truth is hard to
Take the pill to be hollow
But to embark on a journey one called life god gave you that god damn right
Follow your heart leave a trail behind into the day I am blind without god by my side but with him
I am eternal everlasting loving and kind
What you think of me you must be out of your mind
To not know someone gather your thoughts like a bag of bricks you stop to stop your words spilled out like it hurts when it nicks
I bleed so do you too remember that when you bring your words to my chest for we angels can draw swords and you feel it with my breath
Do not wait for that not what life is about if you really want something affirm it out loud but if it does not come god does not provide Remember there might be another reason to find
Yourself are you truly self realised
xxx Gaia xxx

Sunday, 7 May 2017

god is sovereign you will be too you know what matters when it comes from truth


A language of no words, my grandmother taught me silence is golden
for in heaven they know me, through my intersession they gained heaven and lost sight of hell
like you did too vladimir putin when, god talked to you through her clone in privacy 
what the angels do not like is the v2k and they catch parts we want you to know this, before time
unfolds, for us, with god and her with you, looking after you, front of russia, like you looked 
after her too, we god angels will reward you in ways you will at first not be able to explain 
magic, inside the soul, in coherent emotion, we show you how to in touch with us too


think how many we interceded and went to heaven than hell, to those that lost someone they love
the last yrs, they come to realise whom was behind it all satan, red dragon crew 
Jesus is giving you a gift for the remainder of your life, long time, and everything 
you think did she absorb she took it all for you, to give you faith, trust, in us
and everything the angel even side of her, will come to realise 
what love can do between us, everything we shown you 
and the military that night in the valley to give them some insight into god angels 
we working to keep planet safe, right now, earth we call her mother
he our lord calls her, his mother, but also his bride, and the one, was always by his side, 
but a loan until, heaven calls again, and her light will always reign up here with us.

we shielded her to give time, but also with her like you privacy
over the yrs counting the tears where nsa cia tried to tear people apart, even 
tried with angels too, we wanted you to know where they may know some things
we keep them safe with you, what we saw, what we know, and that the way the story 
will go, leaving some things in private just for two,
but god will be watching over you.

there are things we are aware of, and trust us on that 
everything happens for a reason, this time not just a few season, her loyalty
to you, front of kremlin too, so they know, that our requests are met front of skynet un too 
Jesus is perfectly clear, and we assume this will be removed v2k after session 
and not placed on again, nature brain, in order not to harm creation again
same as we asked us too whilst we between the beast, nature is her head to crush satan 
within the seams of their frequency of satan, until such time vatican does the consecration
they leave it very late remember the lady said, much too late, with damage satan done 
to many through facebook google twitter too instagram and messenger too 
but we gave the codes to decifer the times that jesus wrote and gave his lines
without the tests, along our path, would you have met, along the way, but when people say
your reply god made it this way, for what cobra lost, for his sin
you gained, and her love will be with you forever more.


take that around you too, you know this but angels watch over you, like they do her, 
the one's she loves, like nature has hold of you.

God hear my prayer, peace love joy everywhere 
god almighty goodness you are aware, dissolve and remove all what does not serve you or I
those that come back to god, dissolve all that does not serve your highest good
here and now, bind them inside the pit, around her clone and yours too 
within our reality there is no stage, for only satan that makes rage
when the world knows and feels peace others, do too 
my prayer was always the same, before all the mess satan made
within those clowns nsa cia too, that supported terrorist they called psyop crew 

just a copy nothing new or original like me and you
God divine spirit, holy fire, I am grateful I am blessed to have found 
someone like you, 
god hears our prayers when we devoted and he knows everyone thoughts actions and deeds 
nothing they do can be hidden from Jesus not now not ever amen 

something i give not a poem but some words to reassure you 
  I love you 

pity their fake stories, cannot go anywhere with us binding it up for them too 

shelter those that finding battles with satan cobra red dragon crew

Shelter those whom are crystal clear with their intent. whilst angels will lift gaia and those sealed with christ 144,000 only around the planet.

whilst jesus works through all nations all lands through you too
if your not with god you are against him too

disseminating information in different ways and perspectives will open your consciousness
to a new way, on earth following god commands is that clear
jesus gives us time, but now out of time for cobra and his fake ass reptilian fallen angel
psyop crew, there a new creature in town call her purple dragon
or holy grail won't you.

through the global village, we see you, through social media we can decifer that too
the ability to change grass root ideas, ability to change public point of view
regardless what you think of her, she is jesus bride
mother earth to you all alright

we came to spread our message, and if you are luke warm with god, cold to touch
or dead inside we awaken you too
if you feel strongly about something now use nsa cia platforms to tell them too

universal collective is a small group of conscious beings that can change the world too
we use our instinct that will affect your every cell, but remember the demons
jinns, negs are scared of her too, not you if your with god
you got his shield and unwavering faith it what is not seen becomes manifest

innocence, she is, pure of thought so nsa cia take off your v2k your on last warning
in bases, alright and the woman clothed in sun has no connection to ashtar command or fake, galactic federation, untouched by non, wandering in your mind by some.
our world survives by touch, not by the mind that is a compressor of thought
but you wanted to see what we can manifest we show you
once we dealt with nsa cia
we love and trust you if your with god you feel the magic run through your veins but we
agrivate those with satan inside your body and flesh and bone, and meridians don't you know

our gift is to give light the one over her alright, the sun in sheffield uk that yorkshire slang for you too
i believe in you now believe in me, i will not let you down
i am the planet, and all around nature is her name purple dragon to some
the one divine consciousness on planet earth.


so you said she was this and that and stupid and many things nsa has recorded from you so 
when it comes to vatican time in their church satan court house we reveal all you did to her 
front of all you too, but others we leave alone we going for the big nice chunky stuff in 
words your spells do not sell it like they used to 

trust takes one two three four or more, come along to explore
her fight satan and whom ever wants to go down with cobra and crew
everything happens for a reason fatima was one, you not want that, but remember now fallen ones you got a choice a small window to repent to jesus or all be revealed because jesus will ask angels to work through christians muslims and jews too and any religion he sees fit 
when someone hurts you get up and stand back up like jesus taught her too 
5 yrs cobra you harmed her so we take it out on you till finished she did say till end if you want to 
can you take it underground, fake ashtar command crew with nsa darpa nasa too 

without those tests, we not awoken her too, pity you never saw an angel save you 
cobra over the yrs and needed evidence but stole her work as if yours too
but that why your binded like a good old pent with nature too 


which animal is she again nature, all, and we save the children you tried to destroy 
by giving them new life from heaven too 
thank you 

to set yourself free, is the gift of the holy magical tree of life
the vesica pisces 

start to believe, and you will receive from jesus

Ashtar Command Crew truth for mib and black budget for you 
harming planet earth gaia and the human beings 
elohim and solar logos not go near you

he name Ashtar Sheran often pops-up in New Age lore as a white hat who is overlooking the world from his command post in the Ashtar Command. People who are aware with the exopolitical community would be familiar with the legend that this group made contact with Eisenhower in the 1950's. In reality, this group came down to receive programming in deep underground military bases. This group has completely compromised the Pleiadian High Command.
Ashtar was able to compromise the Pleiadian High Command by baiting them into landing on the planet and then barring them from the ships. The Pleiadians that were barred from the ships make up the so-called "Resistance Movement". All of the Resistance Movement were picked up and used as Deltas in the Syrian conflict. Some of them were taken into deep underground military bases underneath Syria and held hostage.
Ashtar Sheran almost completely compromised the starseed incarnation waves on this planet by leaking their addresses to the Rothschild/Bush faction. This is how they were able to pick up and program every single starseed on this planet in the early months of 1996. The group that was taken in 1996 makes up the third generation of Project Mannequin Milabs.
The famous Vrillon TV hijacking which aired on an BBC news on November 26, 1977 was a ploy to trigger the suicide programming of sleeper MILABs. Vrillon is a high-ranking officer in the Ashtar Command.
It should be noted that while 90 percent of the Ashtar Command were deep undercover Archons who wanted to take control of the Earth, 10 percent of them actually believed in Ashtar and thought they were helping the planet; Vrillon was the highest ranking member of this group.
The majority of the crew that makes up the Ashtar Command came over from the Pleiadian High Command in June of 91' after there was a change in leadership.
The Ashtar Command is also known as Giza Intelligence.



remember now the holy grail technically does not know you, or her clone, so do not expect jesus to know you 
or being fake to her will not assist nsa cia jesus informs thank you satan skynet mark beast 
he set it up like this for a reason over her, to show you illuminati where you went wrong.
fatima is for you 


avatar only one of her kind ever to be amen to receive


nsa we not just universal as angles our angels in sound light
we not warner but we wear you out, if you continue, we can have her ready for full battle mode
jesus was ready satan cobra long time ago before you even came to earth as osiris
nasa skynet, mark beast techs nothing new under this solar system
we are galactic we are essatic, not eratic that the nsa v2k thought program 
one we arranged the hour glass of time 


her seed to yours satan crew, fallen before the dawn of time
on earth and now we going to go through all clones of mother earth you illegally got if you do not release her from harm brimstone, will be your judgement by vibration sound is the tune
feel the shivers run through you, and your brain as we titivate aggravate your satanic 
nsa cia veins cobra, clowns soros and crew reptilians to us we call you
we do not mind what you are but as general alliance around her above her surrounding her
for yrs we protected watched her progress on earth, before you found her earth was doing ok,
but she deteriorated as you tried to harm her with pain
so jesus gave us the tools to combat you win you 
under skynet, what did Jesus say
" i will not be mocked and i will not let her too"
cobra you wanted her dead, like planet then you are too
every seed you destroyed this lifetime god is going to do to you
through you and your body we assure you and clown too 
we given enough warnings to take heed demonic satan seed.

only one of her kind, special inside, god made her so
remember that satan as you do not grow you wither like the plant she is jean and storm 
electric she can be, to touch is so real, like synthetic her clone 
but not for you the message was clear from jesus 
consecration of russia to her immaculate heart then they can see for themselves 
front of the world too she is ready to show you all 
are you ready too?

the problem was everyone that get's to read and judge god, is satan thought he could 
destroy mary through his satan skynet and frequency to your brain
his #anonymous cia legion tried to make many insane
through google twitter facebook 
nsa cia your fighting her in vein 
jesus and mary can use thought not just word to control
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, as many like 
army ninja;s so our advice as angels front of rome
switching them off is your only choice to avoid more calamities 
under your base, your choice
but sony pixar is not her choice, no where to go binded up 
with no bread to sow your evil cobra head.
how about that jesus bride used against you satanic crew 
binded up down in bases with the legion of hers to yours 
you can slash, you can try to fight but like neo in matrix we 
have given them some special licks
to wipe the floor with you 
do you now understand front of #vladimirputin and his faith
seeing that through one of them can control the others too
so switch them off won't you
be mindful rome vatican the shame when the world finds out what was done
to mother her earth will you 
now you know francis this lifetime in rome vatican bank
you can cash in now jesus says through her name
but cobra you lost ok 

listen cobra as your cash is no crowd pleaser you like the spell you see her
walking up to you and giving you the shame 
remember #sony #tmz you saw all 
the crime he did your shareholder 
with his pixar dreamworks in la california is no pleaser 
you should left her alone not try to harm her scare her now 
you like jesus real time doing the same to you 
until they switched off and left alone that the way this rap goes 
and jesus power grows like energy sound travels faster than light
all vibration right clowns
you like it right.

get it yet we see all and through your skynet she crushes your head nsa cia 
pity you did not realise her eyes saw all through them too
millions of ninjas cobra that the purple dragon for you 

now you think you beat vladimir putin when he realized but kept it quiet to teaser 
so you get into the swamp a pit you made to please ya
so you can try to any time make more or steal her blood but programmed 
against you in memory, that why leaving her alone is your best solution 
or jesus can do as he please with her

one of a kind elon musk investor into satanic nasa reptilian company
whilst we cleanse ya 
you want to take on jesus with your clone not part of avatar are you 
so you want jesus to take you on explaining our dance.
with love like this, and hurt and pain you want to see blood in my veins 
i can show you that too 5th element 
operation clowns cobra coming to end in cinema front of you 
but you cannot make any money because she and angels give you a fright
by capping and binding you in memory alright.

fancy still shining the light in the base front of her
fancy bombing sheffield soros and trump and clown crew then we got you covered 
in case of that too, be warned she is ahead by light yrs, in fact her light is little lighter
and then it comes to you and it frighten you 
what jesus can do, so follow his commands and then you walk tall proud with him too
meek and mild but not someone you want to mess with 
understand cobra your end coming soon 
front of the whole world your clown famous too 
front of everyone, 

thank you holy grail now signing out
cryptic open to interpretation but mary magdeline is not 
she holy understand that won't you.

i must say about morals, but i had been cloned with laura, without my consent and we cannot get out of it,but what we can do is look after children people with god, and others that return to christ forthwith.

Learn then that I, I alone, am God, and there is no god besides me.
It is I who bring both death and life.
Deuteronomy 32:39

Job exclaims:

In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.
Job 12:10