Friday, 4 December 2015

The Voice of Nature - Koko at the COP21

The voice of nature - Koko at the COP21

Koko a un truc à vous dire ! #NatureSeeYou #COP21
Posted by Noé on Tuesday, 1 December 2015

EARTH whom Am i god ? creator of this universe I AM


Infinite time & space

Young at heart, a bright star how swell you are

the elements of nature, become part of you 

Possess peace, that people feel with the wisdom of the heart


not the absense of stress, factors but in the earth and heaven

no time, just you & I

Glory, mercy, rest, and gratitude 

God gave to me 

my peace comes from the lord above in the form of friendship 

built on trust, love communication and understanding 

Peace for mother earth 

peace for each other 

peace for our family 

working within peaceful conditions 

we are not disturbed by outside influences and 

nature does her work to heal repair rejuvenate

the elixir of life 

Earth creation the womb gave us

with no limitation 

that is the essence of the mind

connect with the heart 

Clarity, vision being happy with the choices 

we make regardless of other opinions

when we follow god Command

we stand grand