Thursday, 18 August 2016

original holy grail ocean tales

Two mermaids blue & green in the sea "look over there" 
in the blue lagoon what do you see a ship do we swim 
synchronized like swimmers with the dolphins whales encrustations of the sea
clinging to thee 

@b4itsnews you got videos from me make sure to have a look 
i am one only holy grail subject to mj as nakedshortkilla in twitter stating your blog about the copies clones of me done ilelgal but uk tried to cover it up trying to use them rape the clones attack violate and nearly kill me behind pc that nsa knows about and mj russia intervened with warning so why is he still spying lying in twitter google you tube facebook with his gitrlfriend about me @b4itsnews any answer?
so remember now only one holy grail the clones vatican knows about are as mj wants me murdered over yrs to cover his crime up but its google twitter facebook involved and cia used masons in police against me innocent civilian that learned this through experience direct. thanks so hope that clear I am holy gail as states copyright 
on my facebook page dragon7775 thanks with full disclosure of facts 

 sweetie and mj you played for yrs got burnt in holy fire against the lord with his bride and mother of christ, the holy grail front of russia having survelliance in my home around it watching all crime last yrs what you done.
why do you have to keep sending helicopter to medispa? try to harm those less fortunate than yourself ? any reason or excuse as famous ex pop star now terrorist couple ? thanks please remain away we said same in twitter you harassing our accounts as ex customer thanks front of nsa cia darpa Q tel companies and your billions fake accounts in google sweetie be mindful threatening people bullying lies people will do it back to you and your fella soon enough for all you did to others be prepared ! to take all the bullying you did back for harming planet mary and offending lord for yrs as sinner and into porn child trafficking front of your daughter, with mj having a secret daughter he sold to illuminati  he should thought about harming mothers that did nothing to him but asked him very clearly for yrs leave us alone, same as helicopters illegally spying why? waking children over yrs why? because i am gifted you both not as charletons that do black magick voodoo and part of mark of beast promoting NESARA ? for reptilians? that your problem

as we shown our local sheffield star with them backing terrorism and police doing it to their own city fake bomb attacks outside ash old business what a place to pick
and then the black lives matter sweets invites me then blocks me in facebook dummy. that is why now sheffield star and papers blocked from any stories about me sweets with you being public figure you stated in your fake facebook attached to gmail and twitter i am private person as holy grail 

know meaning word HOLY over yrs sweets what coming to you damage you did to people lives and harming mothers children with porn child trafficking and for your fella a pedo ex pop star film director that be finished with crime over me attempts on my life thanks

what about an uso under the ocean, floor too deep to explore 
" not for us" one replied 
look above the sky the stars we are never apart within the ocean too 
but the harm to earth our mother may be now irreversible
we must live with that too
one mermaid beckoned the other by her siren and song 
"I see the lord in the ocean as if starting back" 
"I seen through the clouds as if see the lord god look at me too"
the other  mermaid replied, "let's hitch a ride on the back great white".
If the lord god looks after us from heaven & on earth
then people would answer depending on one view 
but with god we are eternal  

in his image he created everything in the sea the land 
planet to live freely  

Reaching the boat, does he cast a net, fishing line hook 
or walk the plank for whom they mistook not sure but god 
knows why, they mistook the gift of god from mary earth  
he made us like this between the gills of oxygen we breathe like fish 
with our own sonic radar like dolphins and whales 
for they harm nature gift so we depart to be with god forever more 
and the land sea will burn if man harms the sea rivers and the land 
where humans roam should be free but if a corporation 
wants to enslave they become that too prisoners to what they made 
but not in the image god made.

Dolphins and whales anchors to our ocean 8th dimension 
torus field of velocity they swim like admirals of the sea
do you see? so if you sail a boat and capture caught kill 
we given to love would you also kill a mermaid 
to experiment on like you did aliens too anything that god made 
like us human testing the dna too to be judged by god for that sin too 

Every command set by god did they not follow 

To their peril in the ocean rivers sub-terrain floor, i the bunkers bases 
dumb stupid places under neth the earth once stable floor 

Lord said over the ocean
"I made this for you all to enjoy respect love and explore"
The land can change and ocean too by adaptation but not 
by harming the ocean with sonar sonic weapons 
the lord did not make ocean for boats to harm the frequency of water too
 The whales dolphins as old as humanity that you kill slaughter sometimes also for 
food but we gave you in garden of eden plenty to ripen tend freely 
in eve terra the 3rd dimensional planet you live on see 

To sail free ADMIRAL law did you pass safely and explore or steal 
off the ocean the ships before, are you on course 
or did each land separate more over time when disaster stuck 
when man did not listen to god or did history & today make discord 
no peace for land they do not own or properly keep 
until the lessons learned we may all weep 

AS i do said the lord message that came to the mermaids in the sea 
Weep over my once bright beautiful mother earth 
man destroys for greed and gain war and sin 
will be the end of him 

Lord talks in metaphors some like mary our mother earth 
has a direct personal connection 
like she does you in this ocean whilst i came 
in spirit to talk to you  

You know how it feels to sail a boat freely passing through safely 
whilst on course did you make large discourse 
as each land separates and fights for what they think they own Right? 
nothing god said i own it all they forget that, i know all 
through my mother earth 
mary and my angels front of you all 

The lord gave us eden before the great lucifer fall cast down from heaven 
not never return again until the lord placed him like many others 
after no  repentence into hell, he does not like to do that as any parent 
should not, but that the lesson like a verse then your job lot.

Lord said i Loath their crime killing humanity 
people and animals the trees and ocean acidity 
natural balance 
this is why old parts became a place of sacrifice and they did not learn 
ow they harmed humans too by genetically modifying you too 
clones, to kill humans off some demons say 
well then you go to hell for harming the dna 

Until they learn might be too late run under a base they say
until there no more stars roll up the heaven sky departs as lord comes 
with his bowls of final judgemental wrath 
He gave us forgiveness from sin to repent is to win
to change the way we are for a brand new start 
but they wanted control until there no more them 
or any hybred reptiliand demonic bases and dens 
gased out from the methane oil and crust planet shakes 
the world i will not foresake those with mary 
our earth only a few make it to heaven we promise you 

for this lifetime sin was abound all over mary holy crown 
we see she knows all, you were stupid not to see that 
with the messages over time given to thee 
you do not own humanity or any other 
but you will perish dear sister and brother
all those reptilians that killed the dna in human they needed too 
that will be your punishment to wipe you off the face off the earth 
you wont breath the air or view the sea ever again very soon 
if you continue to harm mother earth 
you know where she is but wanted to play in garden 
so the lord had to harden her sacred immaculate heart to deal 
with you reptiles that meant to be part of the ocean and floor 
you once explored, but to steal someone dna to to clone to harm 
her soul the lord will yours too the angels will assure you 
in form of penance in the air, the sea on every nation 
So they harmed planets before humanity can remember
now they harm earth our last home
planets dead then we go home to heaven 
and rest die on earth god given chance after chance to change 
eons and lifetime's incarnations to re-arrange our un-holy ways 
the way we desicrate harm so consider that 
Before you decide to go up to the boat this time 
"Thank you lord" one mermaid said 
dependent on the fisherman hook he may mistook and take you for experiment 
just like they did with mary dna illegally this lifetime 
our mother earth that why the angels hurt 
cry out in heaven above mother our earth 
They may be evil, want to kill under the admiral law
heard of vatican where evil satan dwells 
he there controlling using them, their own stolen laws 
from the boat from the ocean to land of humanity 
Then in the clouds the haze of heaven shone as he departed as quick as he arrived
above the ocean that day, the haze the fog in nature elements he used 
and does pray, nature is not about science but the water element 
in man carbon in most sillica to some 
Mysterious moments make methods to understand 
what humanity MAN has illegally done 
front of vatican to harm clone mother earth 
illegally that will carry a judgement in it'self 
when this person said this about me 
the original holy grail front of the world 
and humanity 
then for wanting mother earth cloned harming her nsa cia 
no more story that our glory
the yrs twitter facebook not any glitter no umph 
the galactics of the grail you know nothing more from her 
forever more silence will be the sound echoed for all eternity 
what you did front of vatican to see 
and all the world and humanity 
Do not mistake evil cobra his name used to be evil mj 
dead man walking with his sweetie clown 
lying cheating stealing what does not belong to him 
but god our lord he mistook that his sins front of the world and humanity 
all to see that the beauty of the rose he our lord used to defeat satan in thee 
rather  evil demons he evoke with no egg and yolk 
he harmed his daughter too with his vengeance like a fool 
over the yrs our lord watched you hope the greed was enough to meet 
your judgement coming to thee from the lord 
via her the holy grail in 
facebook her videos all for you 
in you tube right in your face nsa cia illuminati disgrace 
criminal terrorist organization he spent you budget and he in debt up to his neck 
with his clown oh heck, and guess what nsa cia we switch off 
between the night and day then you cannot listen Hurray 
and no more stealing mother earth words and works but really over yrs knowing nothing
for you and remember no galactic crew helping humanity that harmed watched the pain mother earth suffered 
because of thee 
remember one of her words to you demon, she love to swim with dolphins 
before they took  your old handle name mj ? dead 
unless you resurrect that demon ass to be deployed by satan to enjoy 
front of the demonic skynet might come down 
if they harm mother earth in a base again by trying to attack a copy of the original 
holy grail 
so humanity wake up two clowns lied they got no connection to mother earth 
or us the angels and god does not listen to their prayers or false words 
in an illuminati cia nsa platform for yrs but we told them that too 
but not listening to mother earth shame for you 
My dna is part of god and sometimes if it changes to be rearranged 
once done the harm is irreversible
remember that google when you face your fate for the evil 
you had on your platform each day 
harming all your customers business
that use you tube too 
wont you thank you 
illuminati limited consciousness crew 
and that demonic cobra and #b4itsnews 
not us but that why you spin and go around using others stuff 
but not ours 
copyright all the way everything to my words my pictures as
i advised #edwardsnowden too looking for quick extra fame 
never steal my words or works front of god 
break in the commandments too 
your not an original like me front of you 
that what the lord thought 
of many sinners you take with you clowns 
do not lie stating the galactics landing no they not 
they told me 2013 you silly lot 
but you know nothing what i know and now it remains with me
ps cobra mj demon of illusionary reality to you 

 lord our mother knows all 
you know nothing really only copied and stole what was not yours
you do not own, oh your stony broke 
front of nsa cia the theft over yrs my words 
but twist them to lie give false promise to many you look stupid you 
two that history the past your crime 
you learn now to future big time 
front of the world 
and you know whom is god 
over her 

what you did in dumbs is irreversible damage to her dna trying to copy the grail 
but that the way this story in humanity front of vatican will remain
you cannot ask mother to help then harm her nsa cia 
life as illuminati limited cult does not work like your methods of occult 
black magick doo like Demonic sticky goo 
we shown you nsa offices where you are with your harmful emf weapons 
nato naso and military too harming earth atmosphere too 

the soul is magic remember that 
now won't you 
not sold but the earth dna should not been stolen from her too 
but that the lesson you learn your last lifetime on earth 

~ Thank you ~

Monday, 15 August 2016

history angels v demons

develop one own gift
to attain in lord jesus name
the truth is love is the greatest force
our listening ear and trusting our higher self
mine i do always and sometime against others opinions choices
i still can make Decisive Decisions

what does sin mean to one does it mean to another?
So what is Acceptable Dear sister and brother
go check your morals
then come back to me
From generation to generation its up to us to change
what mistakes done before
tune in and turn them into good lessons
to learn from
never causing harm or intent but my tongue is sharp should be good enough
sin against God not church
the one on ley line or Grandeur of design
this is the Way of consciousness
not a Doctrine but living by and bathing in the waters like babes
 in jesus christ do not blame Religion blame the human psyche
and then see the past and wonder what patterns your repeating
and change every day we make a positive change installed
remove the negative
we release karma
by not only repenting fasting sometimes praying
sustaining and knowing lust does not equal love
but those you give your all
not count the cost that a True friend
not just a lover
or brother sister but to be a mother
greatest gift asset of all

 without that teaching
how would be watch our Children grow into fine Examples
i love i cry and heaven knows why
only those i let close to my heart ever get to know the grail

 so over some time you got to see clare
As gaia and parts of my life
but those that know my heart a shelter in storms
i open doors Clean and wipe your Tear stains
And make you smile even more
then more tea a vicar marriage then some heaven
and some cake
and then we Watch ourselves stay up late
and then awaken and do it all again
no change
did you last yr or yr before
or tom
its all personal choice
mine to be Better Tom than i was yesterday
and today is the present
to i am a gem of a gift
never to be fully known
and you can explore the jungle
but be careful
when you meet nature
They sense if they like you
they show you if you respect us
we you that how simple that little ditti goes

  tend to take a good overview
then come back
do it again and i make sure when i ask i receive
this is confidence Streaming down the line
We had upgrade yesterday
so if you got issues inside know some in dark cannot upgrade in light
We are golden holding GAIA
heaven as one
Lighting every cloud burning it away with the ethers of the sun
And the moon has spun but slightly round
and that the master plan
to be not going around in circles to clear the weed and see above the wood of the trees

 then i wait for god to answer my prayers
which is Questions
and meditation is the space between your thoughts
you listen in grace

 then i wait for god to answer my prayers
which is Questions
and meditation is the space between your thoughts
you listen in grace

 i have complete authority over my life
i reap my harvest by autumn you see
october heaven dream
to be i go over and under
and reveal and stand toe to toes if you got a soul
if your a demon i rattle your walked out soul
and if your walking dead then no time to awaken best not follow just any crowd or you get swept away
Become the truth
and stand in lord jesus name
heaven on earth
as above to it is below

a divine but not a buttlerfly
just a one divine rose
do not pick it
but admire and if you cannot take the light your in for a big fright
when i Seep my visions into the lense of perception
and inner sub conscious recesses of the mind
the deeper i go

for every action there is a Reaction
so make sure you do not cause
then there is no effect
the way to master
they hit first
then its self defence after
zen master bows
kisses the air
give to receive
but never bite the hand that feeds you
polarities in the chakra Seek balance
not Reverberation all the time
in the air waves

God chosen elect
are Strictly pure
but sometimes make ourselves unclean to
show the path to god church and house
cleansed from sin
and employed by the service of the creator
and all that jesus gave to me
he does though true to him
and his mother gave birth to you so....

what we bestow in best practices
they start being the reflection
we show others too
total awareness of words thoughts actions deeds and all that i am
in heavenly creative unlimited dreams

God chosen elect
are Strictly pure
but sometimes make ourselves unclean to
show the path to god church and house
cleansed from sin
and employed by the service of the creator
and all that jesus gave to me
he does though true to him
and his mother gave birth to you so....

what we bestow in best practices
they start being the reflection
we show others too
total awareness of words thoughts actions deeds and all that i am
in heavenly creative unlimited dreams

 cosmic energy
light particles
and higher energy
beings oscillate faster than light
but descend with sound
to walk around on earth
you may hear about us
but unsure if we are or not
that the beauty of life beyond the veil
spent many yrs in heaven so i decided to become a shadow and walk with you
reflections are mirrors can you look someone in the eye
and tell them a lie
then you tell one to your mother
then you find if you play we do too
its the child like way
in heart and mind
that sees us through
removing always with shiva and my incarnation connection anything that does not serve my highest power
so my lesson in life i learned patience listening to purple dragon
and god jesus too
and life treats one well too
regardless of money status or health
depends which is priority
mine is always love
health is our wealth
my old slogan from medispa
my lily and not for sale
only given to those
that look after my sacred heart !

 its all about the feeling ....
now imagine my tongue twisted around
that ....
and apply the time
and make it a good time
always love

 our grandmothers are flying then up there alright love ??
let me know i gather some more We need some shields
and non nasa communication its a right interuption there mind fields
of lalalallala Satan to my saturn rings
ding ling !
oh orion gone for a burton
so best take me to mars
to meet the colony then

i did home economics and child care
and i have a diploma of getting to the root
of the issue

 cannot mold me shape me
but only create
which proportion is
full or half empty depends
on one own vision perspective
cannot read my mind
only listen to the dial come
down the line

note so you figured out then whom mary is = earth ?
where did people fall into ? down through ages of man
note did you understand all your satan skynet technoology harms her earth yet why angels will they do not want to but will do penance if they employed by god
thank you
remember that as the two clowns just lie to everyone in fake accounts
and try to be a copy but remember your not as good as the original earth you just replicate but you cannot ever steal my words or works as you tried before i wont allow that like copying at school got you suspended expelled like you were two clowns lord said for your sins on humanity he got your place ready for you waiting for harming her liberty her sovereigny front of the world and front of god
you wont win
so any nation flooding sinking cracking volcanos go ask cia why or rome or jesuit too anyone that not told you the truth
we are the truth if you cannot handle it do not blame us or mother blame yourselves for that ignorance within you
thank you holy grail
bless you
what my stories beyond yours
‪#‎ashtarcommand‬ men in black shame you wanted to harm
planet but what i seen saw know remember that for me those i love
those i trust those around me but on nsia cia technology silence ok silence at night silence for months and months no problem for me
done before thank you humanity

now nsa cia do you agree spying nothing secure about that
do you think question this today
how does earth make air to breathe? how does it contain it not leaking out of the planet?
how did techtonics get formed?
what is nibiru ?
what is earth exactly do you think she has her own spirit ? own mind
own heart in this galaxy of earth our mortal time?
do you beleive pre atlantis lemuria noah time too
the wiping
her body
the bread the seeds the wheat and bread
do you think your above earth or part of her or no feeling at all inside
do you think you survive these months to yrs if you carry down the path of destruction in earth ?
that to any nation that want to chip track bio scan your iris or hand
or harm you control you satnam
so whilst your share price drops advertizers too
and customers dwindle in truth we given you insights before in enough time
but remember earth mary holy grail owned by god
if you got problem with that take it up with god
if you cannot handle the truth take it up with god
but all the questions to many of you elites watch next weeks as the economy has you falling to your knees hope you got money to put back in for your sin take take take greed and hate
until our lord stands at our gates the angles and angles we wait
for humanity to see what you do could be our last lifetime
we been warned you got it back in atlantis too but lord said he would not flood you did that to nations instead with your tares and electromagnetic tesla weapons ‪#‎cern‬ to hell regions too shaking our stratosphere and planet plates
so what is first death nsa ? what is 2nd death and the dimension of hell and the ones of many before heaven?
what i know galactically is like a real time movie but a book i own inside my soul earth our home
just like yours so if you nsa cia can sleep at night?
why cannot the poor on earth give you some insight
so the wealth bankers in every nation your economy falls remember the greed before the fall
god is right at the door
no fear only love i fear god more than man the evil jinn thought forms contain demons in some but in clones to satan fry big time all the demons they contain in debt ‪#‎nasa‬ that idea sent your company in debt and can many nations too try to produce what god does LIFE naturally
but with no soul no spirit then the end of them
if you want too
so what causes nsa cia volcanic explosions ?
and what caused lord asks humanity to be wiped before
but as we said you do the flooding haarp gwen norad too
may day oh its past that time too echelon spying network too
how space feeling cold and dense lots of lumps too
just like mother earth her veins her oil and harm in history remains a scar
just like you did in this nsa cia
to find the grail think you can harm planet earth her no consequency god says think again clearly
whilst the two clowns anyone went with mark of beast fallen angel techs the economic fall is coming next
do not panic humans let them do it we be fine
with lord truly i learned this many lifetime
last yrs nsa cia tried to harm my health bottom my business and others in the platfrom you may experienced too
end of them truly if we not here or earth they wont be trust us but we informed in case the planet breaks decays whilst we moving in space
positions last yrs but you nsa cia did not know much about the holy grail
mystery to earth ancient lineage and key
mother to some vixen to others
to the lord his bride angel
beyond the veil you do not see
because your spirit not adept remind humanity
grow up now thanks
no more war or our mind you die
otherwise go ask vatican if they care about any of you they governments they used ? thanks
remember that nsa cia and companies to enslave yourself then no turning back
so you can answer the questions in your mind the preceptions
we given you sometimes if your lucky to have her energy in your nsa cia spying lying trolling stalking platforms that not light is it
darkness but that your path you can change it but you are with god at gates out of time if you harm her planet or humanity you know what to come for you last train central no more tunnels and base
no more of you

 the angel of love
what is love but a feeling
i know how to love others
as i learned to love myself
unconditionally i accept i stated once long time ago in twitter before it all got bitter, that i accept the ying and yang of the two forces because that what the difference in the feeling of emotion an angel learns
to love, forgive, compassion
but two clowns said to others love sin as she and he made millions more accounts to pack out the cia nsa not much uptake to make new customers the last three yrs slowing down the yrs when google employed
many now its abandon ship financial mess ahoy
i say never love sin
but love thy neighbour instead, show humility
when the healing power of love flows through me and you
earth and humanity we unstoppable release old patterns
limited thoughts and perception
raise above like heaven love is the reason why the planet lives
remember that those that fallen
intermingled dna 

 question nsa cia, if you know most women men against products that are animal testing, from make up to perfume to deodrent too why is it science does hides it underground thank you?
why is the bases feel like they dark haunted places that science cripples the dna genes of humanity i say
and why nsa is it your not secure but simply spy and lie ?
why is it the economy for the top elites is running dry ?
have you worked it out yet why?

remember within your limited consciousness
nsa cia platforms you only enslaved harmed also yourself
some beings living organism like
mother earth you have no respect for god holds dearly
for harming human race
you also harmed yourself
 for other beings reptilian races too but you cannot enslave earth
as you done you now enslaved yourselves too
i made walls barriers to ensure you know nsa cia you cannot harm people lives homes business
via your platforms get away with it
many beings human in form did the same
in their own way
what i been shown by angels and god
our lord incarnated died and rose again
remember our history our roots
i think the limited amount of thinking with technology about war weapons destruction control greed
will be the end of some civilizations
along with the humans we are too
that you became part of
when god made us in his likeness too When we unified with god n love we cannot be moved
and that is the ultimate truth

Angels are in unison and union with god
within all things are angels
which are angles of light
around earth with her
and in the soul contract to planet earth
i am a channel of peace
but nature is not amused at the fallen angel part of me and you

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hold my heart, heal my mind, hold me like the river Jordon in peace inside
the land of Jericho a man one with god his master 
all i need is god my family those the love mary earth unconditionally 

How we live, how we love 
how we feel is how we feel 
how we choose to seek, to ask questions to god in life
God being my master 
I master myself with the lord 

Darkness may prevail in remenant of man 
overcome by our light 
in truth integrity 

Ying & yang polarities apart 
drawn together like glue a unified spark within the cells 
in man woman and child to awaken within
the divine drawn to the light inside her sacred heart 

interplanetary craft higher being dimensions 
an atmosphere changes when we re arrange heaven 
feel earth emf when we talk to the grail 
not about her heart 
she remains sacred to her lord GOD 

Notice the beauty within all divine water within us all
tears by angels whom watch over us those that listen 
guide us help us never compete only complete us 
Angels to the right demons to the left 

Eternal truths ever lasting in congruent faith 
our healing grace our prayers are powerful 
when more people pray the rosary 
take 15 minutes a day 
our prayers if we live by the commandments 
heard by god until then 
a angel will guard you guide you until then

You put god into your life first 
family and unity 
a family that prays together stays together 
no matter the distance how far sometimes we apart 
doing our job the lord gave us 
from heaven 


Saturday, 9 July 2016

when all said done Nature is..... incredibly beautiful sealed in heaven

imagining is amazing now
imagine what we can do
when we are blessed when we are with you

nature is a harmonic frequency

of her own, to be one
we must feel the same
as nature a code
in god frequency our chords
are like sound light ether energy
into plasma electro kenetic
magnetic energy
we create used to be off earth gates but
we hover we fly
with nature all the time
but some we cannot carry
not clean clear
enough to see
but they catch up consciously
by having a clear conscience
and lord knows that
remember that

before you utter a word you speak
they carry intention
vibration and a mirror
we can reflect when we see the
external reality
one made
not created the difference
between nature is natural
and no rehearse just the truth
sometimes it hurts
a mother love is unconditional
wanting the best for thee
so live your life always truthfully
repent to jesus and he will redeem
when you transparent
life has way even if in pain
giving you ever healing faith
when you believe and know
the lord is with thee
may we always be grateful for that part
when you depart but leave you
light shining over me
earth for all to see
what you see to us
depends on what your made of
and what you decided to make
into the creational reality
decisions and always down to free will choices
but god law are governed by
the commands set remember this
and you will be fine to carry
our planet the shores of time
heaven is on a different timeline
to earth in linear sometimes
and they merge the two
the ether
for nature can hear many things
see and recieve depending on what
you gave from your heart
to her in love back unconditionally
a feeling the code know it eternally on sabbath is so

the sunrise beautiful by design cherish the moments 
nature gives when you awaken and we hear the birds sing 
our sabbath in growing and knowing
lord we are safe, with his heavenly tune

we listen through the ethers 

our own electro magnetic tune
praise to the lady beyond the veil
purple dragon holding the grail
in eternal peace
the lord gave me things
the world sometimes has seen
miracles are moments
we share when we care, love and no greed
no hidden agenda
but transparency
the sun shines for our lord our god
in peace our perfect peace

a burning flame just for you......

Holy kisses, hot fire wishes 
take me wake me together we make love 
touch glide our hands we stare
loving awakening surrendering within the breath  
beautiful wishes, manifestation surrendering in blissful kissing 
all over you wrap my flame around you

Into the day the thoughts come and go 
your there within the realms 
we stare 

as the light comes our way each day after the sunset and darkness too  
underneth the blanket of them many i shine for you
Dancing under the moon light, to jupiter and mars, pluto has heavenly 
binary sun and shining they are like stars

gazing the love we have to hold 
speaking words of wisdom deep inside 
we part of each other soul 
i see myself in you 
dancing under the moon 

Holding hands flesh to flesh 
together like a nice cup of tea the blend of us mixed perfectly 
or the cream to my coffee 
lather me make me feel all throthy 
you bathe in my glimmer, and make me shimmer 
words we whisper no one knows, i love this and that how our love will grow

we captured our breath one flame and another 
burning brighter than the morning sun 
that how my love burns inside with you

spirit dances swirls naked lady dressed in just pearls
the flame burned he plunged inside he reclaims her love
he had inside her mind tender naked obsessions 
kiss your flesh curl your toes 
spirit dances in the flame you see the sun as she dances around him

two hearts become like one mind words are not enough 
to romance the mind but each day inside my mind 
like the stars that shine my flame burns bright 
i am right by your side

My eyes are like portals i see your soul 
within my lips and hips, i take you to higher dimensional bliss 
for in the mind is fractured and open we can explore 
the things  we not seen or felt before 
True love, living our dream 

to see the stars shine in you across the galaxy the milky way dreams
the birth can bring new beautiful beings 
made by her womb hold you close every day 
even when we say did you see that shine yes another one 
from heaven that is divine 

Friendship & love 
given by destiny our fate me make 
so let's create 

Make the flame grow and know it is so 
a promise made, by holding our hands 
i stand at the gate when a man loves a woman he cares
when a woman loves as man she dares 
to acknowledge the love between two 
and that how two become one

like the sun and the moon both compliments too 
the secret in the heart to hold you close to my heart 
regardless of what comes the firey flame i burn being part of you 
and you are insde me too 

understood and accepted 
i have the strength to believe in myself as i do in you 
i found love transcends time friendship and love 
a sweet responsibility if you could kiss and taste the fire
would it burn brighest our eyes portals they shimmer 
in the glam of the glory and glimmer 

the love we share is potent so beware the passion like fire
warmth and rest our love and light 
we be contented every night 

when we awaken by each other side 
we know heaven

words in prayer

God almighty hear our prayers 
almighty goodness you re aware, our prayers dissolve and remove negativty here and now
around me personally and those that come to you lord kneel and ask thee
and in reality the world at large needs our prayers

~ rosary ~

God divine spirit I am grateful and blessed upholding sustaining me
making my life feel happy healthy, holy and others around me

Substence - Your mind is a garden
Strength - in the feeling source our god give us
precipitation - when we first do it, then becomes 2nd nature 
Conception - Gestation = manifestion 

Our thoughts disperse into a feeling with consciousness plant our roots to earth life our 
spirit to heaven, healing grace

Colours sounds symbols we see and hear like a crystal ball or crystal spring of thoughts
the river runs free running where it should be 
we are water, so refresh and water those thoughts with love

~ where there is no love, be love ~ 
~ Where there is no life, create life ~
~ Where there is no substance, create an occurance ~ 
~ Where there is uncertainty to learn pace a path foundation growth with god ~
Where there is financial suppression, fear anger greed jeaslously, create unlimited options ~ 

Magnify one own radiance in light of our lord jesus Christ 
feel him within you and between you and me
the ethers the air fire water nature in me 
Glory be 

Cultivation lily of the nile holy grail quan yin three fold flame motivated mary grace our earth


I am motivated making mother earth seeds come to life 
watching the garden grow dear mary
holy grail healing grace
keep the energy going and flowing in ever lasting love
be free, dare to be, design yourself into a work of art
copyright by god he our creator our lord 
gives us light bread food for thought
within the elements of nature 
between you and me 

When we reach a resistence or block, look around over the top
resistance sometimes means we need to change
to release old patterns and thoughts that impact 
our healing modalities 
feel always from the heart

Free form dancing removing barriers that hold me back and you too
the patterns and fractuals in nature in nations are a reflection of you
being honest is the best policy front of god and others too

From our light and prayers every day in every way 
morning noon and night 
never cease from praying in the field the heart a code 
prayers to god only give him our lord your glory
Jesus & Mary
our lord creator in us all 
animals, florna forna children that are born
creator can make us again and again
by his single thought
or take away depends what we do in life 
we say

Step forward when the opportunity arise 
spiritually, ethically religiously by 
living by the commandments within your life
Heaven is eternal 
so is hell too
make a choice where you wish to end up into
realms that complete you not compete 
but by my unwavering faith 
in the lord 
sabbath and every day, 
saturday is true holy day not sunday pagan worship
so make not just our holy day special 
every day too 
by being the blessing you give being sincere to others too 

more openness creates trust 
transparency creates faith
and healing is our holy way

Namaste to some
amen to us all 
thank you 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Trying to be, and being happy internally without external macrocosm influence my nature's suggestions


Give up your need to always be right
give up your need for control 
give up blame take more responsibility
give up self defeating self talk 
give up on limited belief systems
give up complaining 
give up the luxury of critism 
give up the need to impress others
give up resistance to change
give up labels 
give up your fears 
give up your excuses why
give up what does not serve you
give up on attachments 
give up living life to others expectations 

Soul connections are supporting our relationships with god our relationship
and challenges in life, are what a wise heart old soul wisely 
can point out in a fine tuned instrument 

Attachment comes from fear 
and with no fear there is only love
and letting go 
and our decisions and choices are pure and kind
sincere, to ourselves and in service to god lord jesus christ first 

being loving patient kind, tolerant sincere 

Beyond words or labels

~ holy grail was here ~ 


Friday, 1 July 2016

I see myself in you, giving you a reflection of nature divine truths

Thoughts and feelings arise surrender to them sometimes
prayers have effect, the more we pray internally 
we effect the outside world perfectly
Language of no words just human emotion we heard
Language lost traditions, to a un -humanized world 

inteliligent by design nature like fractual they resonate with the time 
we have coherant emotion 
Ask and you receive 
have no hidden motive to deceive
God abhores liars those that fail to speak feel hear the truth
we change our course sail our ships and sails 
use our time in nature church earth 
to listen to her respect and trust 
in her faith this will help to see you through
when you doubt your abilities too 

Without these tests on a human scale 
how would we upgrade ourselves in your love 
the light within shines glorious with no sin

if we did not rise to the challenge in every obstacle we see 
how would life be, dull and straight we see
to iron out the kinks creases that inbound us externally with sin
the thorns in her earth sides 
the planet raised by god made by thee
eons we came and made our presence known
in lifetime after time 

everything happens for a reason for us to explore internally what we saw
take back if we lucky to god when we see though the gates 
he welcomes us back home to his place in paradise 
beyond the summer lands 
many places beyond this earth 
the lord calls heaven different realms not caught up in limitation 
what limits you is the soul 

without these tests given to thee to pass and fulfill 
we get hurt carry pain we learn to release them each day
be careful with your heart for each life you have one pump
learn to discern what is truth to what is fed to thee 
does it come from a pure spirit 
with honest pure intentions 
you may see listen to nature in love break free of all bondage 

believe in oneself, for others to believe too they have senses to feel hear
see perceive, touch taste in physical reality
what happens on the 3rd dimension affects 
hell and heaven between the veils 
of these realms some not able to see 
like nature does within thee

innocence and purity being untouched left the way we came 
better front of the lord we say
he trusts those that are sealed by our love devotion to god
not just one day, every day for he gave us life bread and seeds make 
good use but not abuse what given to thee 
a planet to live breath live in harmony and peace 

A planet made to be in a war no zone no home in the end 
no where to go so we stand on nature hills valleys and lands 
watching over her to observe our development on her earth

our lack of knowledge springs in to action of those unkind
to earth nature children women and families too
men that look after the women in the arc they like mother
first in the arc like our dna a bright beautiful spark
helix codes we came in tact full of memory
but the depths of earth and incarnations too
some we remember just like you
the fear and shame let go each day
know you have the lord that guides us listen to our heart 
and give thanks and praise each day from your love 
god will teach you by giving you an angel to look after thee 
sometimes there two or three in consort with the divine
we touch and reach with you lord to feel hear sense taste touch
our inner intuition and natural ability
nature i am by eternal design 

words left unspoken are in light the air the water 
earth renews us replenish us 
give us new insight 

honesty and modesty
a woman that embraces herself 
truthfully realization
all is not lost if we choose it to be 
by the impressions we get in prayers and in session 
with the angels between the web of light
some do not even see but know of a time
when the planet long ago had full wi fi natural capability
to travel between the stars in infinite truth
our gifts we share sometimes too 
not to cause fear to delve into the sub conscious mind
and unravel the mystery from behind
how do we make nature change 
by being ourselves in faith

clear skies equals clear mind one pure 
one clean one made of stars 
our atoms our cells between the light 
within the glue just came to pass through 
gazing through the heart of earth what 
we feel is what real it seems
so to change, we must too speak words 
that are honest, sometimes painful too
give a honest perspective 
what you see and feel too

yes it is true angel earth says
i see myself in you

speak words of wisdom even if you fear the lord
give you strength when you are sincere 

Hail mary 
lord's prayer glory be to the most high
god our lord jesus Christ