Wednesday, 30 March 2016

what we believe v what atheistic communist view thing Same picture different view?


what does man think, Where and how we made in image likeness of god
We not god, We can be be in service to god Daily
what does an Atheist think, the view picture might be the same but subject
to their believes and interpretation looking at the same view.

For History books to dictate, Debate the Dogma of faith
jesus mary the bride in christ 
the angel realms 
Satan and his lucifer fallen crown, cast out of heaven in history
Many deities Demons, jinns negs and other realms, to be clean is to reach the realm of heaven with god, Being as jesus asked Temporal in time space too
why did they exist, some do today Called dark side inside some Humans too
like an animal, it will only pick up bad habits depending on how we treat it nurture
heal love, isn't the same for humans too
but we different, from others point of view?

I am keeper of the flame your opinion of me or Life will not change my relationship to god
NDE, altered realities, shattered cosmic mind Can be fractured
within light of the temple your Vessel 
we let in the light 

to the Atom 
Electron, proton, neutron
Billions of  cells with light contain DNA
the building blocks we call life

God made us perfectly 
it is us that Degraded Life, the mind, the body 
even cloned, stem celled animals
Designer babies you think Tampering with dna 
harming nature way, Natural order the consequences of that action.

To clone a dinosaur, why? Science, of man to discover what God wiped 
before in a deluge turned into fossil bone into dust 
to be remembered honoured not repeated 
like a overgrown mistake to replicate

World needs our lamps full to make a Difference to the world 
not to tamper to tread carefully on earth 
whom is our mother the womb, Whom you got born into

your mother womb, 
how magic the cells begin to make atoms into life
A reality

Illusion and lies 
corruption is seated within the mind
the yang Dark side of someone  life
how we Treat ourselves others 
will depend how we grow 
in the garden we tended in life
if we cease to think like everyone 
follow what god asks, listen carefully 
to the song of nature within you
can you remember it too, 
ancient lands, higher Grades, the technology was Ether in reality 
We were sentient, not carnal, spirit made into flesh 
we became more dense in the body
but in the mind of christ we are lifted 
out of the Glossier image when that man made illusion 
is wrapped in a glossier image
not real, made, not created like nature gave you.

within each battle We seek god 
We fill our lamps Dear sisters and brothers mother grow with  love nurture your child, and be like them sometimes, child like 
is not childish, we must remind ourselves how christ taught 
us to think.

Radiate Warmth like the sun a blanket of health 
love shines within Enlighten with love 
Glow softly when we feel connected
when we meet someone sometimes, we feel like it's coming home
our mother should feel like that too 
when we say glad to be home
giving us room to grow 

Let's shine until my poem 
greets you another time

in PEACE perfect peace

Monday, 28 March 2016

Rain or shine God will be our guiding light Quan yin mary grace healing rays


Gaia decided to dance with nature 
in the wind rain, Hail, Extreme ways
Travellers of space with god in heaven 
we stand high

Whilst flying mary Writing in the sky Love 
language we understand 
comes from lord above
with us, surrounded us listening 
Angels ISIS, Elohim guiding us

Troubling times, Prince william Cannot be king 
the queen dead cloned And From germany 
every common wealth nation may fall
under fatima if they wish to Try to mark people by causing WAR
Famine and Cruelty to mankind
WWF not loving animals, instead extermination that is not kind
Fake royal been killing them instead
Like prince charles killed diana 
but no remorse, whom want them near them either too 
let's isolate the problem to 
they simply do not like 
earth or any of you 

Consequence of your actions is all find out 
and knowing reality William 
clone not king just a replica copy of the IVF his mother had to carry 
being inserted with you 
imagine wanting to take her own life to take yours too
knowing how evil Windsors are and you anti christ, she knew yrs before 
Harry is not charles, your family threatened his father 
 but i think Charles preferred children to women
does Camila join in too, game for Family to satanic sacrifice children 
missing ones that gone too.   

no more harming spiritual psychic mediums at Stanstead charles 
or using spiritual mediums then Calling them crazy or insane or using police to label mentally ill when history used psychic but i am holy spirit 
and i can be everywhere, and no where in the Ether, in the air, 
or starting at your face through my gates
or the fire, inferno Drawing you in with your sin
the water washes cleanses away, or Drowns you par say
The Earth our womb on un building vatican too
they will fall real soon if not resolved front of the world and russia too 

Queen a clone dead , no throne only illusion left 
you killed many ordered wars 
got your minions like david cameron to do the job
turn uk into a police state prisoners themselves
they know you want to mark them with beast satan gave you 
and turn them into zombies mind controlled Satanic ways
to harm Families children masonic police Criminal state
We stand up, against your lies take you to kill us 
court fine us but we not bow down to you.

William the base in wales Crumbles to Eu 
tunnels trains that fail, electrics no Harmonic resonance 
just death destruction greets you 
and any others been cloning down there too if they continue they not remain 
leaking flooding no electrics, solar flares, nice asteroid Few lumps 
of iron ore rock to finish us all do the trick 
the biggest one on you 
jesus comes if you continue to punish you 
Through his bride 

mary you tried to harm via masonic police 
i stand against you Take you to kill me use another 
then your dead too that The eternal truth
you can try to hide it mask it could even try to lie
but this is my writing above England sky
demons await to take you to hell, screaming hitler, merkel father he 
burned all way through made into lava to make 1 dimensional
nature through rock, our humanity your family only inbred insanity
Marrying your cousin bit Disgusting but that why 
we said William like damon from movie OMEN 
your the BAD one, of the bunch 
Lazy un refined knight of malta jesuit 
recruit but not part of god
your a cloned hoof Goat 

Your prize either lose every nation, with you too 
the mountains begin to move 
seals undone demons giants and all of them possess you too insane
God can make you Feel that way 
with his breathe through angels 
watching mary Earth harm you done

Our prayer is you Remember FATIMA
what to come of you if you harm more animals humans Families children 
via police social services around uk too 

We continue to Talk even beyond the veil i can be a spirit 
and haunt whole of earth and my purple dragon
can collapse the planet and Destroy you too 
god is with nature
jesus reminds you she is his bride 
the last of the holy grail wine
harm her DNA then jesus will you too
take every common wealth nation away from you too
occupy you do not own it was an illusion 
just a show 
for many 
the army the navy  the blues and royals 
we saw stood down their garter knowing 
they served a nation that killed by Fake royals many
do not serve a corporation, if they could not care about you too 
Serve God, be kind and police your not better than us the people 
if you harm lie, steal Assault innocents kill 
you go to hell too.

so sheffield heart is my home 
and i fly home and jesus gave me the message
we stand in peace against the marks of beast the WARS they make 
they know jesus wrath for every child of god they kill and take
use any nation no thrill just economic crash for you 
jesus will see us through 
SERCO GS4 those working for you 
lazy prince that does not even know how to address the public 
we all see through the illusion and lies 

your mother haunting you all

with these words Elohim galactics 
working with mary EARTH 
fill our lamps 
Dear sisters and brothers 
make time to listen to nature every once in a while 
she has a story to tell
if we get through all this
i will Bring god grace via russia 
to my immaculate heart 

in our humility, our Humanity can be saved 
by us alone 
the government does not govern 
they should be a helping hand sometimes 
and ours so corrupt from top to in between the children they harmed 
killed NSA cia Darpa too
those dreaded Dumbs bases will be the end of you 

our lord reminds you 

via his Last of the holy grail Templar bloodline
Clare Probert holy Grail mary 
Quan yin Healing begins within
when we are touched by nature 
by god 

disgusting Fake no royals your just Frauds
I like many yes you tried to use police in Sheffield but We stand against you 
right till the end jesus Reminds you keep harming earth his mother mary
he will you till your judgement day

if Russia not consecrated your end coming anyway 
and we all go down with this uk ship 
When impact hits  
we go home to god you go to hell 
NSA Cia and anyone harming another life. DARPA They are 
dumb those clones that sold soul to satan skynet 
but you know that anyway

Peace please note god sees us all 
but does not hear those that kill lie, that is the truth 
of the commandments set by god 

God gave Russia A Grace by her heart immaculate right from start
Front of fall of vatican too 
if they wish as rome is a country your a fake state 
like Washington, all can fall 
you made it that way but the design grand scheme of things 
via the un using them.  

I love vladimir putin and his nation too
i am doing this for him and Russia
not ever expecting needing or wanting anything in return 
it was god message in fatima 1917 to remind me 
of this time where nature Came back to incarnate this time

how did i swap the bloodlines too, well you can From family tree, you pick when in Spirit in heaven you see, you all cast yourselves in
We Decided to be Free and no sin just have karmic lessons to learn
through our family.

the one you did harm was nature Every child animals family 
but that the Fake windsors for you 

Thursday, 24 March 2016

saturday is sabbath closest in time to hebrew holy day in history

Saturday is for Sabbath, running rings around Saturn
Saturday is holy day full of prayer for the lord giving us bread
when we place our faith in him 
and feet firmly on the terra
Earth is our mother 
the womb, mary the one whom gave her life 
for her son, he is a friend to many if we listen
he is our guide Like many i could not imagine 
There no earth with no jesus
and jesus with no earth
No joke, and no rehearse 
Talk in parables, Scripts or Verse
he is the only in him gentle but strong
courageous and humble
Graceful and giving 
he gave us his life
so our's would be worth living 
He gave us his mother
Planet he and our god Creator made
isnt that a blessing each day?
Earth is our home, no other to have or hold
do you find things in nature precious what man can do 
he said, our mother is the best one to know, how is it so
Ask give proper advice, sometimes it's not what others want to hear
but the truth is the whole truth front of the lord
subject to God holy law in heaven and on earth
the sinners go to hell
satan tries to destroy, that why he had lucifer with him too
but he done under hell burning forever more, fallen angels can to
matter of choice within incarnations within us, me and you
Earth gives us connection
a resurrection, A reborn Faith, unwavering in him
when satan uses his minions to wage upon us False accusers, man made sin
know you are redeemed for he says our Lord

"what they did to me they try to do to you", hold 
that in your mind and god will see you through"

if you believe know with your heart you done no wrong accused but 
innocent make a stand you Feel grand
the light = information
information is truth
that what evil scared of Truly if you know it sow it 
make the seeds of leaven bread to share 
divide and give via nature by design

Not to be used, do not confuse 
that, And in my heart my prayers you answer me
how can i as gaia show them in what we believe think say or do
become an integral part of you

God is great his anger, has no hate, just the truth

I rather be kissed with the truth, than a well dressed lie.

More than cleverness, the world needs love and kindness 


Monday, 21 March 2016

In a mysterious way, love is like no Dress rehearsal once undone it is irreversible


when the dress fell, The Dark Flowing linger lines, 
of my nakedness of my scars Flow and passion of my cup heaven into earth, 
the demons underground, her might might will lay them down. 

I felt as if letting myself go gliding your hands 
like blue pearls a Gateway to the Realms within the star Sapphire 
and blue you Bring me back to that time, 
We laid naked one we Felt smelt the love that 
embraces us when we dare to feel the fire burn inside our heart.  

The Dress laid on its hanger to remind of the time spent, 
He wondered why it was there, kept preserved a remembering of when that time he smelt the sweet air of her perfume of the ambiance and the room.

The earth from it comes food, 
underneth it is turned up as fire, 
It's rocks are the source of Sapphires and it dust contains gold, job: 28 5 - 6 

Nature, non in a base, surround the dense Dark tunnels 
underground the trails tracks and Cracks, to no where fast, 
just a place like hell but Back filled with dust, not built to last. 

Depending on sunlight clear clear sky, 
we would all surely shrivel and die, the food water, 
the plants need light to last, have you understood 
what it took for god to create that some of those dwell in a base 
done to others down in the hell The base in the dark. 

The light of the body is the eye, therefore they eye be single, 
Thy body shall be full of light.  Matthew 6: 22 - 23.

Flux and flo, Fiery fire, I am a star the brightest with god jesus 
and the angels jesus gave us time to heal, Repair his angel, 
if Demons Want to be taken to hell, 
its a choice how you see the picture within you, do you see the bigger one 
or half a point of view, Depends ultimately on you.  
The grail the earth our mother, what she worth? 
to god everything to man well Destroys harms 
and Does not much healing is that a surprise mother's worth 
like a energy Bright morning star David Family you are to me, 
like the disciples planets are one and part of you too.

Remembering the mysterious ways, she let the dress fall, 
to see her Naked flesh, As the day draws to a close and night came our way, remember the time you held me close, 
my eyes are a portal to the divine what you see depends on what inside you,
not me, i see your soul, and dependent on what you do intentionally will depend how nature feels about you if you not got one oh well hell nice place to go.
But what time gave me when you undressed me is healing 
where as an undressed heart mind in the flesh carnal 
could be best to me gave me the perfect perspective 
how god gave us life to be.

He captured his breath was the time he dipped 
into ever lasting love burnt and plunged did he 
reclaim The love stroking tides or just the flesh carnal base 
desire or what spirit Gave him in that beautiful smile.

What we do on to earth can have irreversible damage to all, 
wish you learned this before to know
 whom Mary the lady of the immaculate conception truly was. 
but that is The mystery of time.

Message from Quan yin 
part of mary too mother earth as one i am with you 

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Love is by Barbara Mcdonald


Love is...........
Love is eyes that find each other across a Crowded square
Love is when you are away knowing you belong back there
Love is looking at another with a strong sense of pride
Love is knowing, whatever happens you'll be standing by their side
Love is sharing different pleasures making one life out of two 
but simply, more than anything love is ME and YOU.

Special Friend
Your friendship is a special gift
that i treasure every day and i hope you know i care for you 
more than words can say


Healing is within, nature gives and grants peace 
without boundaries or war 
and not one with our mind
our family unity and love those that pray together stay together
meditating listening to each other Eternal heart.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Technicolour love Feelings not just for seasons there are many reasons.....


hunger like a wolf, Ravenous, he lay waiting for his mate for the moment 
For the Flames to burn, the heart Seductive Sensul Warm moist skin 
Flesh to flesh 
in a vortex of their own touch and desire no one can put our the flames of love
Her body trembles as he teases her to his knees in sheer Delight 

Her touch sends and genius thought, between the sheets kama Sutra, 
wanna, do some more, Fancy a trip between the lips as he rocks her hips

Moaning and groaning they explore touching flesh to Flesh is best 
when the spirit aura within two becomes like one 
the love between two becomes like a symbiotic tune

He runs his fingers over her lips, poised To Be his, Says 
Take me inside, and his Delves into the galaxy 
her's Technicolour of dreams
the love they share cannot be compared to any other 
when she leaves words like imprints on the skin
make him tingle head to toe, for more 
i have only eyes for you 
And leave This Sticky note for you 
with my feelings in tact 

what our connection can do when Precipitation When we first do it
then becomes second nature Hungry like a wolf

you are an awesome creation, conception, gestation, manifestion
Letting a woman's love flow through the one she loves 
if we understood Alchemy we understand pure wisdom
and love is magic

When we fall in love, deeply, what a beautiful feeling
not only to dream in technicolour to feel smell and sense the colours sounds 
symbols for others to see through us 
like a Crystal clear Spring, we Are like water 
our chi like a Star, we shine together as one

~ We bring our dreams in life like a painting in Technicolour glory ~

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

mary = GAIA = earth = ISIS many incarnations many names

Anyone tells someone, it's impossible or tells others what to do listen to your heart
That what mary if you know her personally or seen her holy spirit would say
We come with our own Expressions, interpretations, meanings
with the art of communication we deliver our message Clearly 
Serving god our lord our saviour we are reborn again and again
in his bright morning light throughout the day the Holy rosary 
hail mary our prayer devotion to our mother earth amen.

our love light dear russia, our consecration of hearts in christ will bring good news
on our planet from god through earth mary to you on my wings with love
Do not confuse personality ego, with your own Behaviour or mine
we must ask jesus love forgiveness grace and mercy in our many lifetimes
We remember, Do you, the one's we had tree animal or human et origin too
God bless you, some been before some a first time, some this might be there last
its all a choice, mary gaia gave, Everything based on choices and decisions
making the right ones with god, will see us all through.
Live longer, be smarter, being awake, being conscious, and having new ZEST zeal 
i give you my lily insignia SEAL 
Fleur de lys in history jesus cup the holy grail 
one only blood line

Nature is mary, earth is too how you treat me depends on you

My Behaviour depends how you treat me, earth to many degrees 
the angels Elohim and order or the veil beyond the garter in full light
People whom love and care, do so anyway, i am one, we are many and multiply we Create heaven on earth for us all, then spread to the land from my heart to others too

where there is love, there is no fear, only the path to god narrow and straight 
following his commands listening through nature jesus hears our prayers

Understanding devotion to our lord is paramount we evoke god in service 
to heal us cleanse us, protect us each day Nature is our guiding light we pray

knowledge is infinite, consciousness to God Creator rules 
We can never be gods Deities to lesser Realms to worship 
but we can live in the image god wants 
We were born in god image our guide is god
Service to god each day watch nature supply the wheat the bread and rye 
connected to the infinite Divine god source code 
within god jesus only way to master and get to heaven 

in our prayers rosary is our infinite and ever lasting 
from my heart 
to yours and the one i love Amen