Saturday, 21 May 2016

Enchanted lives cosmic minds sublime the lord our god in control of us Each every day

 you see you smell can you touch Nature and Feel enchanted sublime Feeling are in full control through us

 ~ secrets of the my Eternal only one being she shows me Everything i need to know See Being arc covenant too ~

  glorious sunshine We have & trust in through ' country imagine what We know & what We see eternally

 communion of holy communion or

 Revelation ~ seeings part of prophecy feathers lights arcs angels they are Fractals listening to Guide us

inner Truths are like Wormholes once you go down them no Return except Do you see the light and See the beings that greet you in paradise ?

 ~ inter dimensional Travel, a source of course does her will with above to the Stars & summerlands ~

  The Three "Secrets" of visionary "Understand this: the vision shows the time of the End." Daniel 8:17

now is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen ~ Hebrews 11.1 ~

 what you cannot see the divine knows and the heart Grows All knowing infinite source of light wisdom Guidance in gatherings

of the rosary & prayers We have ours & we keep them safe with your only son with me

 Guardian Angels some we see some we Sense some come from Above they are there to Guide us in & in Glorious Full ascended light

 now is confidence we what we hope for and Assurance of what we do not see ~ Hebrews 11.1 ~

 ~ connect to spirit divine self ~ whom Am I whom are you one with me # Earth and the heavenly bodies universally

note no one speaks for me other than me no one in the past or future no one can say heresay or lies

Sabbath holy day, saturday and remain so 
on the days in god creation 
on the 7th day We rested prayed and thanked the lord 
god amen 

Thursday, 19 May 2016

mary women clothed in sun leading us with the lord delivering away from evil a veil are angels

Awakening occurs with ourselves 
awareness within consciousness
having a clean clear conscience 
a spiritual vibration from mary and the angelic crew
two sides, fallen and heaven
in the bible the tribes of dan descendents of 
the serpent race 

mary does not want to but will erase 
for you to hunt her kill her vatican sin 
using red dragon in this but god knew in the past this time 
would come what a lesson in class 

i do not want to but god given you a choice some time ago
come to the lord or perish on planet earth 
stop intermingling, cloning and harming other dna 
in the human gene pool
you be given a mercy to live your reality 
but by leaving the servants of the lord alone

the 144,000 critical mass, to all those used by clowns 
our attackers trolls orion reptilian used 
illuminati lot, please excuse me 
St michael is severing all that does not serve us 
around us those used before so that i can heal us all 

Those serpent races that do not wish to come back to the lord
know your fate, for the lord did not mistake history 
through these time wormholes and stargates
of and on planet earth

When rome murdered not only jesus the disciples 
they un knowingly killed the planets too in our solar system
and now all left is the remnants on planet earth
and his bride holding it together 
best she can for what you did to her harming her trying to use her for your 
wealth and crime, will bite and sting you soon big time
be ready for the lords judgement you cannot blame 
the grail for your bad choices and decisions
if vatican does not do consecration in time for russia 
to correct everything and them serve god 
our lord, then we all fall together ok?
her hardest job to save the planet everyone 
but also knew last yrs red dragon wanted to kill her but used others instead
like the clowns used others too but we always have a choice
make it well in the free will part gaia gave 

We do not possess or control another 
we listen then we do, say and act our energies 
attract the dark but the light burns them in the eternal flame
like the light of the day lifts our head out of prayer and haze 
into the dimensional gateway 
of the heart you got given ones too serpents start to use it
or god will abuse it with no mercy from heaven
as you harmed earth and humans over centuries too 
consider your sin front of others and your lies
around planet earth, each nation you dwell 
you do not covert us, control us or humans
god does be mindful of that fact

burning the old ways, karmic daze 
the serpent severed on the floor 
a spiritual voice within you got it use the jacobs ladder
and we win 

Do not need weapons like demons, or bombs or satan skynet 
we need mary and she defeated satan and now its drawn conclusion

choice is yours, choose well master  
within living without sin we go to heaven
hell is a design earth made over eons of time 
for the tribes and descendents of dan 
and reptilian dna if you require fallen angels 
serpent races that are weak in dna intermingling with us humans
but you never control us the illusion falls 
to your reality no more

our duty as angels of the grail elohim 
solar logos and realms in between some call galactic
we will not go near around evil or those that intentionally harm
abuse use others at us, you lost much but they can blame you

the lord stated to honour your mother not try to use or abuse
what you done for yrs fighting over what nature created not you 
to earn money from you assume
would you like it to burn like you?

i would suggest you hold your head down in silence for those you took 
before haunting you from incarnation to birth to your death 
when the lord takes from you the record you once knew 
akasha the thought void the form being formless
is without a body a shell 
but without the soul nothing dwells but and evil cell 
dna remenants that remain 
your choice we say

for sure but choose well, you could be in for big surprise 
if our mother sacrifices herself we all burn on this planet 
no more, then she comes back to take the elect and her children 
home, can be nice we continue along but each nation serpent
you must listen clearly to her song 
and know your time is up 
front of the lord god the angelic realm 
between her and the mediator of all of you 

If you want to use abuse mother earth 
then wonder why it's done back to you 
might be the reflection of the mirror staring back at you 

God let's go those used before, asking st michael to sever the cord
that do not serve us those that were used abused 
to harm the grail harm her mind or heart you 
can take your own judgement like we all will have to

I will never impose my will on man kind but i ask you this 

 over will, or personal choice what will that be 
to live in peace or hell eternally 
weapons are our words 
yours are bombs satan techs fallen angel crew 
we were once part of you but we have been given instructions
from heaven and we hold her hand and either way 
we stand against you all this time in history fell from heaven
to earth no more time that your lot 

when you feel true love like she has for you 
creating having you into earth to be her guest 
did you dine well or fill your pockets with treasures and money 
to greed and not feed the mind of those in need 
three fold trinity 
hearty healthy holy heart helps heal the rifts
seams the universe lost to give the keys to the universe from god
she got, and had a long time your lucky serpents not all is lost 
but your choice now i would sit mediate on your choice 
to hell forever no more or live in peace as you are 

our personal conscience is where it all resides within the heart 
to our compressor of emotion we call the mind

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

144,000 sealed heart to crown with god our lord we sealed

Celestrial bodies

supreme angelic intelligence from god source codes
our angles of light refract inside some of us 
whom sealed by the 144 in the heart 
min strands to be activated to be sealed 
with the lamb of god the world is awake
for us to partake in this time in history we create
Our divinity our sovereignty our moral fibre integral light

Oversoul in light the soul within shines 
we can create the life we like by leading by example by the 
divine virtues angels whisper in your right ear

Warning, warning warning, give insight vision to see 
wholeness in consciousness in perfect clarity
to heal us, help us not do it for us that for us to do
as the bridge you stand, do others to 
or chose to burn the bridges sometimes that fine
knowing the path you take is the one you made the decision 
and the universe will supply 

Some sow seeds long ago some like gmo they die, 
some like the modified air, climate we see cost them for no return 
for our light to shine even more

see the ashtar command men in black name them shame them for harming men 
then you got man made clones no soul no chi a frying plastic synthetic machine
a borg, that has a memory no consciousness in satan sellers 
in matrix we see underground shifters the reptilian resisters 
cross bred intermingled fallen angel mess 
tribes of dan

not from mary earth orginally hyjacked the annanuki to come to earth 
underground the nearest place they the reptiles could breath as they in normal form 
angels say cannot breath normal air and got a liking for human blood over many centuries
but intermingled with the seed of man to hybred all over after noah they escaped some back then
Told by god in noah arc 2 by 2 male and female of the same species 
did god invite them in? when they already with giants and nephilian caused immortal 
intermingled sin, wiped the earth like atlantis too that what happened to the reminants
of me and you, this time no flood that is man causing it in skynet haarp Gwen norad too
this time fire brimstone, lava and rock fall on us hard that your lot
gone are the bases tunnels and tracks seeping into those crack
water for all to see, this time not mated with humans they impregnated themselves in dna
into the strand by hosting us, and trying over centuries to 
within the 13 blood lines control us, 
but instead now they host a plastic clone body with a human over tone 
but they do not like us they think they far superior to a human
are you sure, they fear us too remember that everyone 
angel reminds you.

our divine Blueprint in our dna is not to be used stolen or taken away
not cross bred, god did not make cats to mate with dogs or 
zebra with an ox he made us in his likeness of his image 
not of the beast

No intermingling with the genes, that what god did last time
angels ask, what do you think if the disciples gave us warning 
in the galactic hand book the bible 
rome managed to take some parts out
but we can tell what is the truth the disciples saw the lord 
murdered by rome to keep them the fallen angels in
some kind of their mind throne to rule 
over the class of human on earth 

but the lord won satan and fallen angels then by being re born 
dear women and men, can you raise back from the dead
with the lord all is possible i have found when i died myself 
my angels came for me took me home, i never missed my body 
but my boys and family i did so i returned 
to give you my verse bit by bit with no rehearse 
sometimes not polished not refined 
but like a diamond i am a gem the illuminati bloodlines 
cannot anymore hide

the holy grail 
i am, angels say to be sealed with the lord 
144,000 above in your consciousness from your meridians from the heart
you have to be following the lords law commandments 
easy peasy so why have so many man made laws
to confuse control dominate their thought fallen angels of the dan 
would work sorry us humans of the lord not buying it that the truth

God sees, all do not mistaken in this 
my sincere lines i write inspired by heaven and the earth within me 

Prayers to our mary earth 
praise be glory be, our father in heaven 
our hallowed art is he the master our lord jesus christ
the person i awaken to and go to sleep in prayer at night 
what ever happens our lord not foresake me he proven that 
when he saved me

to come through what i endured healing, and healed for myself 
and others to inspire regain our light re unite around the planet 
in the web of light
nature universal codes to this earth heaven she knows 
she around purple dragon before animal or men 
aliens or reptilians, other races too she helped create 
you, just too far back when the fallen ones cast out of heaven
now is the time they choose to live or die 
go down to hell the pit if they wish 
god says he will provide

What a hell of a horrible ride down to be greeted by fire brimstone 
and lava too and screaming demons they conjured in them and tried sometimes
jesuits elites in you too, occult negative hidden not plain to see 
that why they a sight for sore eyes you see

Happiness is a choice, make it yours this day and forever more
lord is with us angels give us words and inform us in advance first 
we rapture ready, to go home you know
but we remain with her the bride of jesus christ 
beyond the physical their is a veil alight
many legions you can ask pray right they hear and work with those that 
follow the commandments and god knows your heart and mind

inner eye to see remember the mystery
was bestowed like a tapestry pre written into the planet lines 
you can tell our history what happened before
this is the what we call the end of demons their end times
for us we can go or stay heaven is the only way
to reach the lord into higher realms of consciousness on earth
there not some quick fix or a pill or a trick 
you devote your life to him god 
our lord 

from my sacred heart holy grail truths 
from me to you 
the colour in the mind glows in glory 
to tell her beautiful story 
from her sacred immaculate encripted heart 

remember now your a part of the divine
your soul keep it safe you might need it on our lord judgement day

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Faith & Family


Declaration of independence sovereignty 

When a half truth lives through you, then only the message is half fulfilled
to universally understand nature faith hope joy harmony 
make manifest, to be on the bridge is to meet half way
gaia can be the same 
mother earth is her name

God's people creator source of course not on any collision 
we are empowered of course 
triggers cosmic vibration where there is nature 
is god church, a house cleansed from sin 
and employed by god as his 
messengers to give the bread of life 
elixer we shine in water we cleanse 
in earth we dwell 
in space we give to receive 

god kingdom, heaven of course 
no discourse leaders are saints 
angels have their heavenly choirs and chores but never a bore 
they listen and pray and have a 
 hierarchy (from the Greek 
ἱεραρχία hierarchia, "rule of a high priest", from ἱεράρχης hierarkhes
"leader of sacred rites  day 

angels are arcs 4 winds of the grail 
mother we call earth 
Where there is purity there is peace 
we sow and flow and release 
our spirits and families points of view are not a reflection of you 
but they encompass you everyone has a perception 
but a family that pray's will find they heal rifts, pain into the universe each day
allow peace and calm into your lives ask your heart 
and you decide, the healing process you can take 

the world is one bit family but not always universal unity 
the universal law, is under god's law 
universal, is man 
that the way nature made you satnam

Our families are also one we choose, in truth trust where we feel we belong 
where there is love there is faith where there love there is light and no amount of darkness 
can take on the light

a circle of trust in mother earth 
and her abilities to give life and nurture in give and take 

I within a family bestow my own dignity and sovereignty 
in total awareness in all that i am 
bestowed in me, with the lord our jesus christ i will be

in the arc of heaven as one with earth 
where there only heavenly dreams
other's may like to feel the dream and lifting our voices against 
hate, and demonic opposition with the saints angels 
we are cleared again of the demons that lurk in the dark
but cannot take the light from the lord 
his bride, in her you see jesus christ 
one with her talks to her and the heaven realms 
they sit dance and talk to her 
listen to her heart 
and if the people could just have an ounce of love 
within themselves they see the world 
like they want to in themselves 

if a hand could give a wave in true christ light 
around us our consciousness we raise our angels 
guide us protect us soul group 
cosmic energy we bring 
these words from a bible verse

"let the sea resound and everything in it the world and all that live in it" 
Psalm 98.7 

direct sound, word produces dark or light 
negative or positive depending on a view within the family 
within the web of light

ancient grid keeper of mary grails 
ancient enigma mystery tales 

Absorb nature, surfaces in space including moving the furniture of this space
out of our comfort place
the nature within me elements you feel sense hear and see 
touch with your mind the muscle and relax you heart and mind
by changing time we serve god and everything that does not serve your higher self.

if thoughts are living things, choose them wisely a master would say
and within wonder the memories remain
we close the doors to the past, and open new ones within
to those we choose our family in faith 
in the web of light in peace and grace 

~ holy grail faith and peace of mind protection release your inner fear ~