Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hold my heart, heal my mind, hold me like the river Jordon in peace inside
the land of Jericho a man one with god his master 
all i need is god my family those the love mary earth unconditionally 

How we live, how we love 
how we feel is how we feel 
how we choose to seek, to ask questions to god in life
God being my master 
I master myself with the lord 

Darkness may prevail in remenant of man 
overcome by our light 
in truth integrity 

Ying & yang polarities apart 
drawn together like glue a unified spark within the cells 
in man woman and child to awaken within
the divine drawn to the light inside her sacred heart 

interplanetary craft higher being dimensions 
an atmosphere changes when we re arrange heaven 
feel earth emf when we talk to the grail 
not about her heart 
she remains sacred to her lord GOD 

Notice the beauty within all divine water within us all
tears by angels whom watch over us those that listen 
guide us help us never compete only complete us 
Angels to the right demons to the left 

Eternal truths ever lasting in congruent faith 
our healing grace our prayers are powerful 
when more people pray the rosary 
take 15 minutes a day 
our prayers if we live by the commandments 
heard by god until then 
a angel will guard you guide you until then

You put god into your life first 
family and unity 
a family that prays together stays together 
no matter the distance how far sometimes we apart 
doing our job the lord gave us 
from heaven 


Saturday, 9 July 2016

when all said done Nature is..... incredibly beautiful sealed in heaven

imagining is amazing now
imagine what we can do
when we are blessed when we are with you

nature is a harmonic frequency

of her own, to be one
we must feel the same
as nature a code
in god frequency our chords
are like sound light ether energy
into plasma electro kenetic
magnetic energy
we create used to be off earth gates but
we hover we fly
with nature all the time
but some we cannot carry
not clean clear
enough to see
but they catch up consciously
by having a clear conscience
and lord knows that
remember that

before you utter a word you speak
they carry intention
vibration and a mirror
we can reflect when we see the
external reality
one made
not created the difference
between nature is natural
and no rehearse just the truth
sometimes it hurts
a mother love is unconditional
wanting the best for thee
so live your life always truthfully
repent to jesus and he will redeem
when you transparent
life has way even if in pain
giving you ever healing faith
when you believe and know
the lord is with thee
may we always be grateful for that part
when you depart but leave you
light shining over me
earth for all to see
what you see to us
depends on what your made of
and what you decided to make
into the creational reality
decisions and always down to free will choices
but god law are governed by
the commands set remember this
and you will be fine to carry
our planet the shores of time
heaven is on a different timeline
to earth in linear sometimes
and they merge the two
the ether
for nature can hear many things
see and recieve depending on what
you gave from your heart
to her in love back unconditionally
a feeling the code know it eternally on sabbath is so

the sunrise beautiful by design cherish the moments 
nature gives when you awaken and we hear the birds sing 
our sabbath in growing and knowing
lord we are safe, with his heavenly tune

we listen through the ethers 

our own electro magnetic tune
praise to the lady beyond the veil
purple dragon holding the grail
in eternal peace
the lord gave me things
the world sometimes has seen
miracles are moments
we share when we care, love and no greed
no hidden agenda
but transparency
the sun shines for our lord our god
in peace our perfect peace

a burning flame just for you......

Holy kisses, hot fire wishes 
take me wake me together we make love 
touch glide our hands we stare
loving awakening surrendering within the breath  
beautiful wishes, manifestation surrendering in blissful kissing 
all over you wrap my flame around you

Into the day the thoughts come and go 
your there within the realms 
we stare 

as the light comes our way each day after the sunset and darkness too  
underneth the blanket of them many i shine for you
Dancing under the moon light, to jupiter and mars, pluto has heavenly 
binary sun and shining they are like stars

gazing the love we have to hold 
speaking words of wisdom deep inside 
we part of each other soul 
i see myself in you 
dancing under the moon 

Holding hands flesh to flesh 
together like a nice cup of tea the blend of us mixed perfectly 
or the cream to my coffee 
lather me make me feel all throthy 
you bathe in my glimmer, and make me shimmer 
words we whisper no one knows, i love this and that how our love will grow

we captured our breath one flame and another 
burning brighter than the morning sun 
that how my love burns inside with you

spirit dances swirls naked lady dressed in just pearls
the flame burned he plunged inside he reclaims her love
he had inside her mind tender naked obsessions 
kiss your flesh curl your toes 
spirit dances in the flame you see the sun as she dances around him

two hearts become like one mind words are not enough 
to romance the mind but each day inside my mind 
like the stars that shine my flame burns bright 
i am right by your side

My eyes are like portals i see your soul 
within my lips and hips, i take you to higher dimensional bliss 
for in the mind is fractured and open we can explore 
the things  we not seen or felt before 
True love, living our dream 

to see the stars shine in you across the galaxy the milky way dreams
the birth can bring new beautiful beings 
made by her womb hold you close every day 
even when we say did you see that shine yes another one 
from heaven that is divine 

Friendship & love 
given by destiny our fate me make 
so let's create 

Make the flame grow and know it is so 
a promise made, by holding our hands 
i stand at the gate when a man loves a woman he cares
when a woman loves as man she dares 
to acknowledge the love between two 
and that how two become one

like the sun and the moon both compliments too 
the secret in the heart to hold you close to my heart 
regardless of what comes the firey flame i burn being part of you 
and you are insde me too 

understood and accepted 
i have the strength to believe in myself as i do in you 
i found love transcends time friendship and love 
a sweet responsibility if you could kiss and taste the fire
would it burn brighest our eyes portals they shimmer 
in the glam of the glory and glimmer 

the love we share is potent so beware the passion like fire
warmth and rest our love and light 
we be contented every night 

when we awaken by each other side 
we know heaven

words in prayer

God almighty hear our prayers 
almighty goodness you re aware, our prayers dissolve and remove negativty here and now
around me personally and those that come to you lord kneel and ask thee
and in reality the world at large needs our prayers

~ rosary ~

God divine spirit I am grateful and blessed upholding sustaining me
making my life feel happy healthy, holy and others around me

Substence - Your mind is a garden
Strength - in the feeling source our god give us
precipitation - when we first do it, then becomes 2nd nature 
Conception - Gestation = manifestion 

Our thoughts disperse into a feeling with consciousness plant our roots to earth life our 
spirit to heaven, healing grace

Colours sounds symbols we see and hear like a crystal ball or crystal spring of thoughts
the river runs free running where it should be 
we are water, so refresh and water those thoughts with love

~ where there is no love, be love ~ 
~ Where there is no life, create life ~
~ Where there is no substance, create an occurance ~ 
~ Where there is uncertainty to learn pace a path foundation growth with god ~
Where there is financial suppression, fear anger greed jeaslously, create unlimited options ~ 

Magnify one own radiance in light of our lord jesus Christ 
feel him within you and between you and me
the ethers the air fire water nature in me 
Glory be 

Cultivation lily of the nile holy grail quan yin three fold flame motivated mary grace our earth


I am motivated making mother earth seeds come to life 
watching the garden grow dear mary
holy grail healing grace
keep the energy going and flowing in ever lasting love
be free, dare to be, design yourself into a work of art
copyright by god he our creator our lord 
gives us light bread food for thought
within the elements of nature 
between you and me 

When we reach a resistence or block, look around over the top
resistance sometimes means we need to change
to release old patterns and thoughts that impact 
our healing modalities 
feel always from the heart

Free form dancing removing barriers that hold me back and you too
the patterns and fractuals in nature in nations are a reflection of you
being honest is the best policy front of god and others too

From our light and prayers every day in every way 
morning noon and night 
never cease from praying in the field the heart a code 
prayers to god only give him our lord your glory
Jesus & Mary
our lord creator in us all 
animals, florna forna children that are born
creator can make us again and again
by his single thought
or take away depends what we do in life 
we say

Step forward when the opportunity arise 
spiritually, ethically religiously by 
living by the commandments within your life
Heaven is eternal 
so is hell too
make a choice where you wish to end up into
realms that complete you not compete 
but by my unwavering faith 
in the lord 
sabbath and every day, 
saturday is true holy day not sunday pagan worship
so make not just our holy day special 
every day too 
by being the blessing you give being sincere to others too 

more openness creates trust 
transparency creates faith
and healing is our holy way

Namaste to some
amen to us all 
thank you 

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Trying to be, and being happy internally without external macrocosm influence my nature's suggestions


Give up your need to always be right
give up your need for control 
give up blame take more responsibility
give up self defeating self talk 
give up on limited belief systems
give up complaining 
give up the luxury of critism 
give up the need to impress others
give up resistance to change
give up labels 
give up your fears 
give up your excuses why
give up what does not serve you
give up on attachments 
give up living life to others expectations 

Soul connections are supporting our relationships with god our relationship
and challenges in life, are what a wise heart old soul wisely 
can point out in a fine tuned instrument 

Attachment comes from fear 
and with no fear there is only love
and letting go 
and our decisions and choices are pure and kind
sincere, to ourselves and in service to god lord jesus christ first 

being loving patient kind, tolerant sincere 

Beyond words or labels

~ holy grail was here ~ 


Friday, 1 July 2016

I see myself in you, giving you a reflection of nature divine truths

Thoughts and feelings arise surrender to them sometimes
prayers have effect, the more we pray internally 
we effect the outside world perfectly
Language of no words just human emotion we heard
Language lost traditions, to a un -humanized world 

inteliligent by design nature like fractual they resonate with the time 
we have coherant emotion 
Ask and you receive 
have no hidden motive to deceive
God abhores liars those that fail to speak feel hear the truth
we change our course sail our ships and sails 
use our time in nature church earth 
to listen to her respect and trust 
in her faith this will help to see you through
when you doubt your abilities too 

Without these tests on a human scale 
how would we upgrade ourselves in your love 
the light within shines glorious with no sin

if we did not rise to the challenge in every obstacle we see 
how would life be, dull and straight we see
to iron out the kinks creases that inbound us externally with sin
the thorns in her earth sides 
the planet raised by god made by thee
eons we came and made our presence known
in lifetime after time 

everything happens for a reason for us to explore internally what we saw
take back if we lucky to god when we see though the gates 
he welcomes us back home to his place in paradise 
beyond the summer lands 
many places beyond this earth 
the lord calls heaven different realms not caught up in limitation 
what limits you is the soul 

without these tests given to thee to pass and fulfill 
we get hurt carry pain we learn to release them each day
be careful with your heart for each life you have one pump
learn to discern what is truth to what is fed to thee 
does it come from a pure spirit 
with honest pure intentions 
you may see listen to nature in love break free of all bondage 

believe in oneself, for others to believe too they have senses to feel hear
see perceive, touch taste in physical reality
what happens on the 3rd dimension affects 
hell and heaven between the veils 
of these realms some not able to see 
like nature does within thee

innocence and purity being untouched left the way we came 
better front of the lord we say
he trusts those that are sealed by our love devotion to god
not just one day, every day for he gave us life bread and seeds make 
good use but not abuse what given to thee 
a planet to live breath live in harmony and peace 

A planet made to be in a war no zone no home in the end 
no where to go so we stand on nature hills valleys and lands 
watching over her to observe our development on her earth

our lack of knowledge springs in to action of those unkind
to earth nature children women and families too
men that look after the women in the arc they like mother
first in the arc like our dna a bright beautiful spark
helix codes we came in tact full of memory
but the depths of earth and incarnations too
some we remember just like you
the fear and shame let go each day
know you have the lord that guides us listen to our heart 
and give thanks and praise each day from your love 
god will teach you by giving you an angel to look after thee 
sometimes there two or three in consort with the divine
we touch and reach with you lord to feel hear sense taste touch
our inner intuition and natural ability
nature i am by eternal design 

words left unspoken are in light the air the water 
earth renews us replenish us 
give us new insight 

honesty and modesty
a woman that embraces herself 
truthfully realization
all is not lost if we choose it to be 
by the impressions we get in prayers and in session 
with the angels between the web of light
some do not even see but know of a time
when the planet long ago had full wi fi natural capability
to travel between the stars in infinite truth
our gifts we share sometimes too 
not to cause fear to delve into the sub conscious mind
and unravel the mystery from behind
how do we make nature change 
by being ourselves in faith

clear skies equals clear mind one pure 
one clean one made of stars 
our atoms our cells between the light 
within the glue just came to pass through 
gazing through the heart of earth what 
we feel is what real it seems
so to change, we must too speak words 
that are honest, sometimes painful too
give a honest perspective 
what you see and feel too

yes it is true angel earth says
i see myself in you

speak words of wisdom even if you fear the lord
give you strength when you are sincere 

Hail mary 
lord's prayer glory be to the most high
god our lord jesus Christ 

sabbath for saturday true holy day pray more praying and never stop the power of prayer

Lord hear us now diffuse all plots binds those that are unkind
to man, woman children, our native land
Saturate your love over the air the sea of many
Love prevails our cosmic source within you of course

Holy christ, holy spirit one in three 
dear father you gave life to me
the spark of my purple dragon 
nature in me 

May war and the corrupt mind cease to function 
in our realm in heaven on earth 
we pray to you dear god 
for without you what would life be a den of eternal hell and misery

Angels prevail in truth, to mankind in part sometimes 
real time, to travel from the past to this time
to show us the Future outcome sometimes 
full of possibilities but evil 
walks hell on earth they say 
the lord can give and take away 

Let our wisdom in our hearts prevail walking with you 
beyond the veil of time man made on earth we still shine
you may greet an angel in disguise 
have a good look in their iris the lense 
of the world through their eyes

Not to pry what they see beyond the veils dimensions 
some might be surprised, they cannot get past money and greed 
to not share abundance with all it seems
inside our hearts we know whom we are 
and we like the lord shining stars 
on our holy say earth every way
but sabbath Saturday we sit meditate and pray your way
walking with you lord on earth 
we prevail to give them not false promise 
we not made like that
just honesty openness and integrity 
I am blessed i bless those too 
standing in open in the light too 
this message resonate with you
Truth = transparency 
light = information
wisdom = knowledge 
heart = love

mind compresses interpret these feelings
release all wounds shame guilt this day
to feel and walk with you our lord in grace