Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Nature in space queen heaven mother mary jesus axis plane universe

Earth Rainbow Bridge, Hunab ku 
or classed as rainbow warriors 
of the north south east west
4 winds arc angels 
reside with ezeikeil a watcher of mary 


our Bridge has been drastically reduced from harm cern 

SATAN went into space on mary fatima prophecy 1958 NASA and russia and china started their satelite weapon space race. other nations under #un 
"Ronald reagan words" STAR WARS program
Designed to harm life, cars planes, homes, animals human life 
our EMF which all weapons, haarp, gwen, norad facilities harm 
effect human race.

Cern has been reducing our earth shields to allow asteroids fireballs and 
the government knowledge of wormwood NIBIRU to some. 
wormwood in the bible is the lumps of space debris from both dead planet 
blown up in collision in space "MURDOCK" between mars and jupiter 
make up the rings of Saturn.


Other many thousands of space debris 
now dislodged more "fig leaves" harming 
mother earth technically mary 
Darpa and other weapons companies decided to radiate 
miss probert for 2 yrs her body frequency weapons 
caused earth and their ignorance space damage.

Satelite system and humans tares as classed in bible people not with lord god
Those "luke warm, those dead in god, those sinners front of lord jesus" 
causing distress to nations, governments ignorance fatima, warnings 
and their own damage to only planet left, with nature cycles of life.
sins in planet doing to the planet own Electromagnetic frequency 
or the

Schumann resonance

Plasma protective shield required to stop space debris cern SATAN system 
weapons been harming our planet causing psychosis of the soul 
and hades lord underworld demons mother earth had to contend with 
last yrs science ignorance that mother earth living breathing entity that does not require more frequency damage to kill nature, birds, bees, trees, and children 
let alone humans, think NASA you can maintain rubber synthetic clones
when planet dying decaying distressed #un nations 
under agenda 21 which is not sustainable.

3d universe, to our physical locality on earth plane
Dimensional gateways are portals from earth to space
from humans to the planet, 
when earth in distress people resonate feel that in their consciousness
Same as Twitter facebook google nsa cia darpa NASA
has been illegally subverting their lies of 
"social media" to target individuals with slow lethal weapons
in my case as mother earth, harming me microwaving me 
caused fireballs asteroids and earth quakes 
being planet and the science or weapons industry ignorance to the planet 
has feeling and what they been doing to damage it 
in space, on earth and around and under the Dumbs clone norad bases 
tracks trains that in bible revelations states
"they be crushed by the mountains above them" 
Saying oh lord Forgive us
Bit late that point.

Where we earth angels stepped in via mother earth last yrs to give fatima visions
the past to present and my connection as mother earth to jesus 
direct channel fully ascended when i died 2013 
i ascended planet that satan been trying to break down destroy whilst 
cia and mis informers lay lies around 
facebook google twitter they in touch with other beings?
Did they discern spirit when they use technology to make people think they in touch with beings when its voice to skull technology.

my advice discern spirit and definately strangers on nsa cia platforms 
under mark of beast system no buy no sell unless you conform or facebook use police to intimidate you at work and home for free speech.

It won't be tolerated as we advised south yorkshire police and our local council 
#sheffield  plenty times with their crimes over 3 yrs so far, we called targeted individuals
but with me i am mother earth only one 
planet one home, one life, 
they tried since finding me to destroy me
Shareholder behind twitter facebook google
For his lies to humanity as fake cobra

Our planet in solar system has it own cycle of days around the sun
however nibiru axis has left astronomers baffled at its lack of luster in space
due to infared gamma rays the metal density of the planet may not be 
visible in the normal spectrum light, this is causing also havoc to our planet weather system, our axis point, and cooling and warming changes in our climate 
our planet cannot cope with, same time as wars, government terrorism
and their satelite weapons.

Nibiru has two binary suns, own moon and star system
Let alone debris space junk to be thrown off course or towards earth but 
governments still silent but also knowledge they do run in base to die 
as per kolbrin and the bible itself 
lord speaks of pending judgements 
bowls of wrath

Crystals around earth under mother creates not resonating right frequency same as our bodies like planet Celestrial bodies due to damage to our vibration cells 
brains hearts organs by submissive silent slow killer using on us via 
twitter, facebook, google.

This must stop awaken your divinity to what going off people being harassed gang stalked by police by target due to mind control voice to skull
inform neighbours, family school do not stay silent gives them power to use fear vibration over you, take it from mother earth they tried to kill me, think they care about you? 

Clockwise, Gravity

Anti Clockwise Anti gravity
(anti matter) 
73% of the universe is dark matter 
within the light of the universe 
There are spiritual realms dimensions 
within our vertices but if posessed under satan 
or mark of beast 
or sold soul to satan
you are on a lower dimension or have negative entities, off planet parasites from past lives plaguing you, or even demons, jinns thought forms 
let alone what under the planet 
Dimensions of dantes inferno 

With providing balance with my message mother earth 
all natives to mother anchor to our lands as we shift 
into the galactic core mother earth must move us to avoid damage 
from space, CME from earth murders causing ion fluctuations 
and to transition to slow down avoid the climate change we seeing world wide 
affecting our whole eco system, nature, wild life, let alone effect on people.

We must change before too late and god heaven angels 
do not know minute, hour day lord gives them instructions to judge 
man on earth.

imagine your a platonic solid of liquid chi a spirit unified with mother earth 
blessed be, say hail mary, lord prayer
only protection you need is your rosary against demons
synthetic life forms, clones or #ashtarcommand Called 
Black eyed military clones 
We can conquor all

We Angles Angels of the grail Elohim 
Before our heirachy front of jesus christ 

The electro megnetic currents of earth ley lines are blocked 
in parts around planet and increase in earth quakes Volcanos 
only solution is World peace 
but our governments still not listening 

NOW make them listen 

you are a dimensional gateway, 
use your insterller gateway from mother earth 
to resonate to all 
providing balance 

Do not be fooled by those saying Galactics here to save us 
no it's down to us mother earth advised many times
but we can say angels do help assist mother to know 
as she done last yrs to inform but 
her own government crime 
russia watching they have to live with for their part with angels watching them 
the servants of god 

Male energy = Emotional physical charge for a 
Female energy = Stimulating consciousness fields of perception 
creates a magnetic field called force 
or some say god code illuminati do not like love 
or Sexual alchemy or unions two souls 
this raises your vibration ancient ways made love 
made world Turn And move 
god love for making creation in 7 days 
marvelling at mother earth beauty 
to be destroyed over time by ignorance of human or mostly 
Reptilian Hybred fallen angels lord speaks of
Both combined is electric energy that man made weapons can try to destroy 
but the Yang energies strongest on earth with only the remanants 
being left inside man 

Time to get in touch feminine nature 
before you lose nations 
planet, lands under neth from ignorance 
from military technology used on human race.

thank you says mother clean up your mess