Tuesday, 21 February 2017

he saved me jesus that is are you ready yet, only path to ascension is through the only through jesus christ amen



Love passion for someone or something 

Called the word mean (ask)
Means love in Turksih 
Te quiero spanish 

but in any language love can be compared the closest to a mother's love 

but love for another is just s symbiotic tune

According to teachings "ask" carried a celestrial message
universal message 3 frequencies 

One scientific 
one philisophical 
one religious 

jesus christ 

Love has different interpretations in frequencies depending on the meaning, 
receiving, grasping consciousness understanding from someone the message 
they receiving by interpreting the words we be feeling.

love carries a frequency in any language 
but the interpretation maybe different dependent on what we be receiving 

When our heart unifies with thought frequency it value is attained not dependent on the person conscious level but the love they receive by the power of god 
whom gave us that love in first place. 

A woman raises a man's consciousness to transcend will into action 
faith into love 


He saved me are you ready yet?
if not be careful these days on earth without jesus there is no life.
Never asking for god love in return, genuine love transforms 
Saturates into the soul of another
receiving the frequency and vibration when connected to another 
from the star david solomon seal i open the door
one must step inside to do the rest as you repent
wipe your tears calm yourself from your punishment from 
the sins inside your head.

How do we determine words of love 
real or superficially over used with little no meaning?
all in the feeling, trust that 
not what the mind perceives 
Without love there little no meaning to this world 
Called mother earth 


Transcend ourselves without telling another how to love or use WORDS
we all have to learn our own frequency and vibration

love assists you on your path 
or within the field we meet you there

Use words wisely as they become living things 

the only thing to discover is not outside 
but inside you 
transcend this truth 
make love, and love returns 

Worldly love 
divine love 
Unconditional love 

Calmness, peace with affection 
When we reach universal outstanding when he/she tried 
took many paths 
Good v evil 
we can change the cause and effect 
Until then we be tested by god 
jesus christ 
our own willpower and responsibility 
god only gives us what we can handle 
Angel's often remind me 
when i am inside reaching out 
for what i am and to become.

My divine love but i know jesus is with me 
A path of spiritual love we enter into our soul 
be careful of your associations and contracts 
releasing them burning them in the three fold flame of my desire
for you to be free within your soul 
lighter brighter burning front of the glorious sun 
to find our thoughts do not hinder our progression 

Divine love dream use our conscience to feel and 
consciousness to realize 
evolve into a space from the sacred heart in unconditional love.

I can As nature Fragulate, bilocate Jesus could 
he gave that to me too Be originate 

I am the trinity, arc of the covenant 
Elohim and angels of earth 
blinded by the sun we are here.

Fragulate thinking of someone else behind
that jesus our lord

Six sense to energy subtle 
Dowse the pendulum of time 
a magnetic force 

I fell asleep in the field watching the craft in the sky 
i summon you and you me 
infinite dreams between the stars 

Jesus taught me to serve only him 
but together we can serve and we shall be served.

help ourselves but first help your fellow men 

peace and harmony is my message 
nature birds awaken with a tune to discover the fragrance of her 
the essence inside within you 
aspect of me in you.

Nature's way to sing play within the stars 
harmony is nature's way 

unity unison naturally at the same time we connect with another 
to the power of the flame, the fire passion burns within the divine
through our intention 

thoughts actions deeds within life

We receive what we desire, if you over used your will 
then you find that what you see as reflection to you too
unless you find peace within ourselves 

With our angels did you ask 
nature to take your hand by being by their side 
in the path the walk we call LIFE 

be brave bold beautiful with the word 
front of god 
the word is god if you have your connection to jesus only only christ.

Be brave with words tough the flesh and soul mind of another 
I am a servant of god 

As Nature 

the angels legion many with mary nature mother earth

Whom are we, Elohim, why are we here, for mary, 
whom is she, earth, why do you love her
she created us, with lord jesus christ the creator 
with creation

why are you here, we made her a promise 
she did not remember when in heaven before coming to earth 
so we awakened her within her own ascended self 
into full consciousness resonance as a planet

Whom do i love, we know, heaven knows that all that matters 
and they feel my heart, they do, he does, but can you?
Every day i am caught smiling the reason is because i think of you 
What i love is your soul that what i love about you

The reason to give is to love, a glimpse of heaven 
Love grows sustains you, gives growth 
the angels know how i feel about you 
with that connection comes completion 
when a two souls become one
it called a union,  to complete someone not compete 

love is passion for someone or their soul

"have you been fed today" 

memories are just that, rivers of love, the fountains flow from my cup everlasting


Give up your need to always be right
Give up your need for control 
Give up your need to blame
give up your need of self defeating self talk 
give up your need for limited belief's
give up your need to complain all the time
give up the luxury of criticism
give up the need to impress others 
Give up your resistence to change
give up your labels 
Give up your fears
give up your excuses 
give up your past when your ready, that not the new you 
give up the need for attachments, letting go all that does not serve your higher self
Give up living your life by other people's expectations

within life, our connections our friends, aquaintances, and soul connections on a deeper level
our relationships and challenges if used wisely can be like a fine tuned instrument 
Giving up things. does not mean giving up means you can retrain and restrain from 
the constant flow of others throughts impressions 
when you should be following 
God jesus example he set for us.

Attachment comes from a place of fear
but to be confident with another 
is real love
trust is the purest kind of love you can have for another 
Self less act of love 
kindness compassion and forgiveness 
for yourself firstly and other's

Where there is love, there is no fear

Being loving patient, kind tolerant, in service to others 
beyond Word labels or definitions 

my double vortex in nature infinite words 
she spells into the tapestry of life 
i plant you there my dear friend 
Forever in my heart 
with nature


in memory of someone i love care miss 
very much