Saturday, 11 March 2017




Thought = form = existence 
EARTH one womb one life 
Believe but to have faith and know it is true

Confidence is building a block picture already in my mind 
tick tock

Purification and service
whilst being positive can transition you into better outcomes,
but you cannot avoid negativity by other's thoughts actions deeds
into the clouds it seems
how much i taught you all but you did not listen
so remember skynet 
nations un members
NASA too god will affect earth and heaven
through you
harming her the planet
heart attacks brain bleeds hunger when she was poor you harmed her 

But by my thoughts as nature, my outcome can be 
a beautiful dream, but i am not living other's tune
but my own without any of you
i can you know, i did before you were even born thought of he said
Jesus as he lay his head to rest, his mother he uses her pride
her stress, it seems ripped at earth seams
How we experience the life, we have is by listening to god
isn't that just grand
other people thoughts are sometimes in tune
that the syncranicity between me and you

Strengthen your essence into the essene 
Being positive like glue i am one between all of you
her course you do not know
i gave glimmer touch of hope some days
to be shot down in miserable 
man made rain 
weather modification 
illegal V2k that harms nature brain
to heaven
so God will show no mercy at her doors
he use her like a footstall 
front of all 
Skynet is a sin
so russia has it way or not at all 
front of rome Vatican and the world 

give a thought to those suffering 
within the reflection of the sea
what do you see on the macrocosm some not eternity 
anymore, just hell is at the doors 
we gave warning not to do what you did
Take her blood was an immortal sin
to ravage the planet under neth and on top 
of her those thinking going to space
remember god's holy place 
can you not remember lucifer was cast to earth long before 
fallen angels remenants 
When will you learn ?
now in hell Satan about to within you
anyone left to hear the clarion call
of Distress, she made into the planet she came
1975 she stood on earth wondering why
asking god, oh why did we lose so many
Because they did not come back to god
did not seek me, find me, feed me, shelter me from a storm
turned their back and watched 
me flogged beaten black and blue 
just like some of you

Illness, disease man made you remember bio weapons 
the drums of oil her veins her blood 
to protect the plates that they shake 
around the planet in her wake the mountains move 
oh no we not got any groove no where to go
except the miracle of god
the sweet bitter taste can remain
or could be glorious some already chosen their fate.

Unity in service to god
is all we got left and gratitude and fortitude living in virtues you see
something you copy off me
#humanity healing when cia watching what i write
remember that alright
those that lie to others will lie to you too
not me i stand in the light as nature and be true.

Render my complete surrender to him
Jesus christ in all my sin
i pray not just words it is a feeling within
healing any immortal sin
shame and guilt and pain
we can say angels 
do what the woman asks Jesus condones 
healing where ever she goes
Her natural beautiful light

call her mother call her earth
but no other name you brought your own shame
by finding her getting it wrong over many yrs 
karma is a curse and has no rehearse 
just is and will be amen

Monday, 6 March 2017

open the flood gates of heaven we gonna feel it


4 arcs angels, your help guidance to us rainbow warriors
hunab ku our bridge depleted by human waste
human minds
that not in touch with her mother they denied
they found decided to damage more
so i defend you all
says his mother 
whilst we may cry those lost each day
i fight, for you

Does not matter if other do not understand as long as jesus does 
as long as there is a pure connection we feel and touch each day
by our words and sentiments we touch each others hearts

We attract in life the outcomes and situations that serve us well 
from those circumstances to
learn from
to experience 
sometimes move away from

We can show others even family how to treat is how we treat ourselves

I have found many times in life negative things teach us train us to be strong
but with jesus all things are possible
the heart was meant to break but jesus seals heals us
to allow in the light within to heal
re-break to feel divine emotion from our hearts
our souls, with him 
lord jesus christ

When we choose family over money 
when we choose life over death
when we choose him over any other 
then he will save you too
and without sin he cast the first stone
i am one with him
my hope my faith 
i enter the gates of heaven
Does not mean those we let go we loved them less
means they did not welcome him to their door
when he knocked and was hungry 
did you feed him
when he was naked did you dress him
when he was desperate did you entertain him
did you listen to him
we love you 
as angels we do what you ask from heaven
as on earth 
we serve you 
enough to let sometimes others go 
if not ready 
when we held out our hand

one to help ourselves
one to help another

even if native, even if mormon
even a christian arab or jew 
muslim or christian
you are welcome too
just takes Faith 

Dear jesus, i love you


nothing occurs by chance
even if we have a small romance
or a time or two counting the clock
sometimes, within me and you
time what is that by chance
to change or re arrange the furniture within you
the house in order, virtues complete
no more lies or bloody deceit
what we prayed for we discerned
by our prayers answered by jesus of course
sailing our boat, or our sea navigating 
by the heart it seems
when all said and done, 
what shines 
is her heart and the golden sun
woman clothed in the lot said
job and angels of the lord
and when the door closes other's open too
depends on one own point of view
navigate the river, safely by the stream
saving a few lives matters to me
saving souls
what counts, on this journey we all about
in space the disgrace humans made too
so we capped them by their satelites too
what they think they got by our alien standards 
taking our stuff, in the end jesus takes it all back
is god by your side?

nothing occurs by chance they say
people we meet every day
a lesson to learn from them all
give thanks and glory to them
for being part of me and you
jesus made you too
in his image to be
without sin perfect as can be

Our choices define the outcome in life
live life perfect within imperfect world
unconditional love, if you felt it and received it
may take you by surprise every once in a while
not a word it a feeling you receive
when you feel the holy grail 
presence within 
living without any sin
her pain is all yours to take it 
this and every day

Clean up your room
clean up your mess
do not put jesus to the test
he is almighty god,
he is one jealous god
he is over me i came to find out it seems
i hold out the olive branch many times
to see if they come to the divine

if all else fails i look back with forgiveness
to tell my tales 
a story, to unfold, one not rehearsed naturally natural 

notice the inner dialogue what do you receive 
other thoughts are programmable of course
but jesus can change your course
any second any minute in any day, you can change
and rearrange 
like thunder and lightening
he re arranges the furniture too
to fit serve him 
our master our creator 
lord jesus christ
if you devote your heart to him
he will be there too 
to hold you like the river jordon
between jericho and Galilee 
our beautiful sacred memories
the warmth the smell, love i know remember so well
between us two
jesus me and you
creator with creation
i found you

your the air i breath nature is within everything
We can show each other by our dreams
the way we live our life honesty 

my daily bread, for you give me seeds 
the thoughts that my own
whilst suffered from technology 
i raise above them all
for you 
dear jesus