Sunday, 7 May 2017

avatar only one of her kind ever to be amen to receive


nsa we not just universal as angles our angels in sound light
we not warner but we wear you out, if you continue, we can have her ready for full battle mode
jesus was ready satan cobra long time ago before you even came to earth as osiris
nasa skynet, mark beast techs nothing new under this solar system
we are galactic we are essatic, not eratic that the nsa v2k thought program 
one we arranged the hour glass of time 


her seed to yours satan crew, fallen before the dawn of time
on earth and now we going to go through all clones of mother earth you illegally got if you do not release her from harm brimstone, will be your judgement by vibration sound is the tune
feel the shivers run through you, and your brain as we titivate aggravate your satanic 
nsa cia veins cobra, clowns soros and crew reptilians to us we call you
we do not mind what you are but as general alliance around her above her surrounding her
for yrs we protected watched her progress on earth, before you found her earth was doing ok,
but she deteriorated as you tried to harm her with pain
so jesus gave us the tools to combat you win you 
under skynet, what did Jesus say
" i will not be mocked and i will not let her too"
cobra you wanted her dead, like planet then you are too
every seed you destroyed this lifetime god is going to do to you
through you and your body we assure you and clown too 
we given enough warnings to take heed demonic satan seed.

only one of her kind, special inside, god made her so
remember that satan as you do not grow you wither like the plant she is jean and storm 
electric she can be, to touch is so real, like synthetic her clone 
but not for you the message was clear from jesus 
consecration of russia to her immaculate heart then they can see for themselves 
front of the world too she is ready to show you all 
are you ready too?

the problem was everyone that get's to read and judge god, is satan thought he could 
destroy mary through his satan skynet and frequency to your brain
his #anonymous cia legion tried to make many insane
through google twitter facebook 
nsa cia your fighting her in vein 
jesus and mary can use thought not just word to control
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, as many like 
army ninja;s so our advice as angels front of rome
switching them off is your only choice to avoid more calamities 
under your base, your choice
but sony pixar is not her choice, no where to go binded up 
with no bread to sow your evil cobra head.
how about that jesus bride used against you satanic crew 
binded up down in bases with the legion of hers to yours 
you can slash, you can try to fight but like neo in matrix we 
have given them some special licks
to wipe the floor with you 
do you now understand front of #vladimirputin and his faith
seeing that through one of them can control the others too
so switch them off won't you
be mindful rome vatican the shame when the world finds out what was done
to mother her earth will you 
now you know francis this lifetime in rome vatican bank
you can cash in now jesus says through her name
but cobra you lost ok 

listen cobra as your cash is no crowd pleaser you like the spell you see her
walking up to you and giving you the shame 
remember #sony #tmz you saw all 
the crime he did your shareholder 
with his pixar dreamworks in la california is no pleaser 
you should left her alone not try to harm her scare her now 
you like jesus real time doing the same to you 
until they switched off and left alone that the way this rap goes 
and jesus power grows like energy sound travels faster than light
all vibration right clowns
you like it right.

get it yet we see all and through your skynet she crushes your head nsa cia 
pity you did not realise her eyes saw all through them too
millions of ninjas cobra that the purple dragon for you 

now you think you beat vladimir putin when he realized but kept it quiet to teaser 
so you get into the swamp a pit you made to please ya
so you can try to any time make more or steal her blood but programmed 
against you in memory, that why leaving her alone is your best solution 
or jesus can do as he please with her

one of a kind elon musk investor into satanic nasa reptilian company
whilst we cleanse ya 
you want to take on jesus with your clone not part of avatar are you 
so you want jesus to take you on explaining our dance.
with love like this, and hurt and pain you want to see blood in my veins 
i can show you that too 5th element 
operation clowns cobra coming to end in cinema front of you 
but you cannot make any money because she and angels give you a fright
by capping and binding you in memory alright.

fancy still shining the light in the base front of her
fancy bombing sheffield soros and trump and clown crew then we got you covered 
in case of that too, be warned she is ahead by light yrs, in fact her light is little lighter
and then it comes to you and it frighten you 
what jesus can do, so follow his commands and then you walk tall proud with him too
meek and mild but not someone you want to mess with 
understand cobra your end coming soon 
front of the whole world your clown famous too 
front of everyone, 

thank you holy grail now signing out
cryptic open to interpretation but mary magdeline is not 
she holy understand that won't you.

i must say about morals, but i had been cloned with laura, without my consent and we cannot get out of it,but what we can do is look after children people with god, and others that return to christ forthwith.

Learn then that I, I alone, am God, and there is no god besides me.
It is I who bring both death and life.
Deuteronomy 32:39

Job exclaims:

In his hand is the life of every living thing and the breath of all mankind.
Job 12:10

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