Sunday, 7 May 2017

god is sovereign you will be too you know what matters when it comes from truth


A language of no words, my grandmother taught me silence is golden
for in heaven they know me, through my intersession they gained heaven and lost sight of hell
like you did too vladimir putin when, god talked to you through her clone in privacy 
what the angels do not like is the v2k and they catch parts we want you to know this, before time
unfolds, for us, with god and her with you, looking after you, front of russia, like you looked 
after her too, we god angels will reward you in ways you will at first not be able to explain 
magic, inside the soul, in coherent emotion, we show you how to in touch with us too


think how many we interceded and went to heaven than hell, to those that lost someone they love
the last yrs, they come to realise whom was behind it all satan, red dragon crew 
Jesus is giving you a gift for the remainder of your life, long time, and everything 
you think did she absorb she took it all for you, to give you faith, trust, in us
and everything the angel even side of her, will come to realise 
what love can do between us, everything we shown you 
and the military that night in the valley to give them some insight into god angels 
we working to keep planet safe, right now, earth we call her mother
he our lord calls her, his mother, but also his bride, and the one, was always by his side, 
but a loan until, heaven calls again, and her light will always reign up here with us.

we shielded her to give time, but also with her like you privacy
over the yrs counting the tears where nsa cia tried to tear people apart, even 
tried with angels too, we wanted you to know where they may know some things
we keep them safe with you, what we saw, what we know, and that the way the story 
will go, leaving some things in private just for two,
but god will be watching over you.

there are things we are aware of, and trust us on that 
everything happens for a reason, this time not just a few season, her loyalty
to you, front of kremlin too, so they know, that our requests are met front of skynet un too 
Jesus is perfectly clear, and we assume this will be removed v2k after session 
and not placed on again, nature brain, in order not to harm creation again
same as we asked us too whilst we between the beast, nature is her head to crush satan 
within the seams of their frequency of satan, until such time vatican does the consecration
they leave it very late remember the lady said, much too late, with damage satan done 
to many through facebook google twitter too instagram and messenger too 
but we gave the codes to decifer the times that jesus wrote and gave his lines
without the tests, along our path, would you have met, along the way, but when people say
your reply god made it this way, for what cobra lost, for his sin
you gained, and her love will be with you forever more.


take that around you too, you know this but angels watch over you, like they do her, 
the one's she loves, like nature has hold of you.

God hear my prayer, peace love joy everywhere 
god almighty goodness you are aware, dissolve and remove all what does not serve you or I
those that come back to god, dissolve all that does not serve your highest good
here and now, bind them inside the pit, around her clone and yours too 
within our reality there is no stage, for only satan that makes rage
when the world knows and feels peace others, do too 
my prayer was always the same, before all the mess satan made
within those clowns nsa cia too, that supported terrorist they called psyop crew 

just a copy nothing new or original like me and you
God divine spirit, holy fire, I am grateful I am blessed to have found 
someone like you, 
god hears our prayers when we devoted and he knows everyone thoughts actions and deeds 
nothing they do can be hidden from Jesus not now not ever amen 

something i give not a poem but some words to reassure you 
  I love you 

pity their fake stories, cannot go anywhere with us binding it up for them too 

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