Sunday, 7 May 2017

shelter those that finding battles with satan cobra red dragon crew

Shelter those whom are crystal clear with their intent. whilst angels will lift gaia and those sealed with christ 144,000 only around the planet.

whilst jesus works through all nations all lands through you too
if your not with god you are against him too

disseminating information in different ways and perspectives will open your consciousness
to a new way, on earth following god commands is that clear
jesus gives us time, but now out of time for cobra and his fake ass reptilian fallen angel
psyop crew, there a new creature in town call her purple dragon
or holy grail won't you.

through the global village, we see you, through social media we can decifer that too
the ability to change grass root ideas, ability to change public point of view
regardless what you think of her, she is jesus bride
mother earth to you all alright

we came to spread our message, and if you are luke warm with god, cold to touch
or dead inside we awaken you too
if you feel strongly about something now use nsa cia platforms to tell them too

universal collective is a small group of conscious beings that can change the world too
we use our instinct that will affect your every cell, but remember the demons
jinns, negs are scared of her too, not you if your with god
you got his shield and unwavering faith it what is not seen becomes manifest

innocence, she is, pure of thought so nsa cia take off your v2k your on last warning
in bases, alright and the woman clothed in sun has no connection to ashtar command or fake, galactic federation, untouched by non, wandering in your mind by some.
our world survives by touch, not by the mind that is a compressor of thought
but you wanted to see what we can manifest we show you
once we dealt with nsa cia
we love and trust you if your with god you feel the magic run through your veins but we
agrivate those with satan inside your body and flesh and bone, and meridians don't you know

our gift is to give light the one over her alright, the sun in sheffield uk that yorkshire slang for you too
i believe in you now believe in me, i will not let you down
i am the planet, and all around nature is her name purple dragon to some
the one divine consciousness on planet earth.


so you said she was this and that and stupid and many things nsa has recorded from you so 
when it comes to vatican time in their church satan court house we reveal all you did to her 
front of all you too, but others we leave alone we going for the big nice chunky stuff in 
words your spells do not sell it like they used to 

trust takes one two three four or more, come along to explore
her fight satan and whom ever wants to go down with cobra and crew
everything happens for a reason fatima was one, you not want that, but remember now fallen ones you got a choice a small window to repent to jesus or all be revealed because jesus will ask angels to work through christians muslims and jews too and any religion he sees fit 
when someone hurts you get up and stand back up like jesus taught her too 
5 yrs cobra you harmed her so we take it out on you till finished she did say till end if you want to 
can you take it underground, fake ashtar command crew with nsa darpa nasa too 

without those tests, we not awoken her too, pity you never saw an angel save you 
cobra over the yrs and needed evidence but stole her work as if yours too
but that why your binded like a good old pent with nature too 


which animal is she again nature, all, and we save the children you tried to destroy 
by giving them new life from heaven too 
thank you 

to set yourself free, is the gift of the holy magical tree of life
the vesica pisces 

start to believe, and you will receive from jesus

Ashtar Command Crew truth for mib and black budget for you 
harming planet earth gaia and the human beings 
elohim and solar logos not go near you

he name Ashtar Sheran often pops-up in New Age lore as a white hat who is overlooking the world from his command post in the Ashtar Command. People who are aware with the exopolitical community would be familiar with the legend that this group made contact with Eisenhower in the 1950's. In reality, this group came down to receive programming in deep underground military bases. This group has completely compromised the Pleiadian High Command.
Ashtar was able to compromise the Pleiadian High Command by baiting them into landing on the planet and then barring them from the ships. The Pleiadians that were barred from the ships make up the so-called "Resistance Movement". All of the Resistance Movement were picked up and used as Deltas in the Syrian conflict. Some of them were taken into deep underground military bases underneath Syria and held hostage.
Ashtar Sheran almost completely compromised the starseed incarnation waves on this planet by leaking their addresses to the Rothschild/Bush faction. This is how they were able to pick up and program every single starseed on this planet in the early months of 1996. The group that was taken in 1996 makes up the third generation of Project Mannequin Milabs.
The famous Vrillon TV hijacking which aired on an BBC news on November 26, 1977 was a ploy to trigger the suicide programming of sleeper MILABs. Vrillon is a high-ranking officer in the Ashtar Command.
It should be noted that while 90 percent of the Ashtar Command were deep undercover Archons who wanted to take control of the Earth, 10 percent of them actually believed in Ashtar and thought they were helping the planet; Vrillon was the highest ranking member of this group.
The majority of the crew that makes up the Ashtar Command came over from the Pleiadian High Command in June of 91' after there was a change in leadership.
The Ashtar Command is also known as Giza Intelligence.


remember now the holy grail technically does not know you, or her clone, so do not expect jesus to know you 
or being fake to her will not assist nsa cia jesus informs thank you satan skynet mark beast 
he set it up like this for a reason over her, to show you illuminati where you went wrong.
fatima is for you 


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